A health insurance for staffordshire bull terrier

The staffordshire bull terrier, colloquially known as staffie, staffy, stafford or SBT, is an ancient dog breed, born from the cross between the old bull-and-terrier and the old terrier. It was used several years ago as a fighting dog but its balanced character, recognized by all, then stopped this practice.

Medium in size (35.5 to 40.5 cm) and weighing between 11 to 17 kg, it shows great strength for its size. His hair is always short, smooth and thick. As for her dress, several colors are admitted as the red, the fawn, the white, the black or each of these colors accompanied by white. Staffordshires Bull Terriers wearing black and liver or black and fire suits can not be registered for the LOF. The blue dress is only tolerated.

A nice and protective dog

A nice and protective dog

Contrary to what one might think, the staffordshire bull terrier is a very balanced and very soft dog. He shows great affection towards his masters and does not represent any danger for the children, his past as a fighter being very distant. It will adapt to your environment, whether urban or rural.
The staffordshire bull terrier can be an excellent watchdog. Very protective in nature, he shows no unnecessary aggression, barks only when necessary and learns very quickly.

Despite its robust appearance, the staffordshire bull terrier fears the cold a lot. Its average life is 12 years, which is not very high for a medium-sized dog. To keep it healthy, it is advisable to let your staffordshire bull terrier live indoors. This breed is prone to two inherited diseases: a neuro-metabolic disorder and cataracts.

Veterinary fees can be extremely expensive:

An operation to cure cataracts costs between 800 and 900 euros, a scanner costs about 300 euros. Your staffordshire bull terrier can get sick at any time and you may not be able to heal it. There is a solution allowing you to bring all the necessary care to your animal without breaking the bank: subscribe a health insurance for your staffordshire bull terrier. Some mutuals will not cost you more than 10 euros per month and will bring you peace and serenity about the health of your pet.

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