Health insurance in the United States for expatriates, students and travelers

How to ensure your health in the context of an expatriation, study or a trip abroad?

“Because health is the most valuable and easy to lose, it is the most poorly kept. Is there anything more precious to man than health? For maximum security, you must be sure to have an insurer that offers you to cover 100% of your medical expenses anywhere in the world.

1) How to freely choose your guarantees and benefit from a customized contract?

1) How to freely choose your guarantees and benefit from a customized contract?

Target expats and tourists from the United States

Become an article and category sponsor on French District The cost of health care costs in the USA is almost 10 times higher than in France, it is even one of the highest in the world! The average premium for health insurance has increased by more than 60% since 2005 and by more than 30% since 2010. Based on this observation, it is precisely in this respect that you must be vigilant about the extent of your guarantees and look for an insurance contract that meets your expectations.

The principle is to find tailor-made at the price of ready to wear! Today this is possible and easily achievable with an insurer offering international insurance contracts. Through French Expat Company, you will be able to choose your guarantees, your additional options, your possible deductibles, your repayment limits to benefit from a maximum of security according to your personal situation. Expatriation, especially in the United States, must not rhyme with an increase in social precariousness in the land of money king. You have the opportunity to make sure you keep the basic principles of your refunds and guarantees that you may have in France before you expatriate.

2) How to be protected by respecting evolving legislation?

2) How to be protected by respecting evolving legislation?

a) The problem of the Obamacare (Affordable Care Act)

Since 2014, all tax residents in the US must have health insurance with a contract containing at least 10 mandatory guarantees called MEC-Minimum Essential Coverage:

  • Emergency services,
  • hospitalization,
  • ambulatory services,
  • pediatric services,
  • laboratory analyzes,
  • rehabilitation services,
  • medical prescriptions,
  • childbirth and care of the newborn,
  • prevention and management of chronic diseases,
  • mental health

For these guarantees, no ceiling can be set, but US insurance contracts may increase contributions from one month to the next, contrary to those offered by international insurance companies. At the same time, this reform had a very important impact on the two types of insurance contracts offered individually (individual mandate) or through its employer (corporate mandate). The founding principle of this reform being to allow the obtaining of an insurance to the most deprived, the expatriates particularly French prefer since this reform in the great majority the contracts proposed by international insurers rather than Americans.

b) The Cassa Patricia

Target expats and tourists from the United States   Become an article and category sponsor on French District The Cassa patricia is the Social Security Fund of French residents abroad. Private body, offering social coverage worldwide, it is governed by the Social Security Code. Even if its membership from the departure of France is recommended, it is not obligatory and the latter is calculated according to your status, your resources, your age as well as the situation of the persons possibly constituting your family. Coverage for sickness, maternity, invalidity, occupational accidents, occupational diseases, old age are available for choice and may be supplemented in whole or in part by insurance with guarantees to complement those offered by the Cassa patricia.

c) The complexity of payment franchises

In France, we benefit from a 100% coverage with a co-insurance or cost-sharing fee which is very low, which is not the case in the USA. Franchises are the amounts that will remain your responsibility even before the insurer reimburses you. There are “co-payments” (for laboratory fees, medical exams…), deductible, co-insurance which are always your responsibility, amounts beyond which your insurer will refund you 100%.

The amount remaining at your expense (Maximum Out Of Pocket) is also variable depending on the insurer and can reach $ 15,000 / year for a family. According to the state of residence in the US, the cost of health insurance in 2016 was $ 600 / month for a single person and more than $ 1,500 / month for a family with an average dependent of more than $ 5,000 / month. year. Very often, in order to lower the amount of their contribution, the insured increase the deductibles. Beware of this dangerous game that, in the end, can cost you very expensive even before your insurer takes over!

d) The choice of a US or international insurance contract

The choice of a health insurance contract is very important and makes it possible to realize that medicine at a cost that can be very expensive outside our French borders. You can either buy American health insurance or an international policy. It is crucial in order not to be as limited in the network of doctors to consult to compare well. Some insurances, notably the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), require you to consult their primary care physician (PCP) in their network and will not reimburse you if you violate their consultation rule. PPO Plans ( Preferred Provider Organization ) contracts such as those offered by French Expat Company should be preferred. For the same care, you can be billed from single to double. If you are not well insured, if you do not have the means to pay and after several thousand dollars spent on the ambulance, in the USA the doors of a hospitalization can quickly close.

3) How can French Expat Company meet your expectations?

3) How can French Expat Company meet your expectations?

Target expats and tourists from the United States. Become an article and category sponsor on French District French Expat Company and its Insurance Partners are French insurance companies specializing in the design and marketing of insurance contracts with “made in France” coverage (100% coverage, worldwide coverage, little deductible, free choice of his doctor…). Our information is transparent and objective. We claim our belonging to values ​​that have made France the most protective country in terms of health coverage.

Despite all the care taken in our contracts, these as well as those of our competitors are not in compliance with Obamacare compliant. Thus, a penalty will be applied according to your income and the latter will be deducted from your tax credit on your tax return. If you do not benefit from a tax credit, you can defer in year N + 1 the amount that can not be deducted from your bank account directly for this penalty. Attention this penalty does not apply to visa holders, F, J, Q, M, as well as residents of less than 330 days. On the contrary, it applies to US citizens, permanent residents and alien residents.

Despite the application of this penalty, the contracts offered by French Expat Company and its insurers are most advantageous for our compatriots but also for all foreign expatriates. This is also the French influence around the world. Knowledge is power! Without excess of pride, we benefit from a real know-how by our origins and the quality of our Social Security.

While the future of Obamacare is getting darker by the day (even though the Republicans have not been able to agree on its abolition), given the increase in premiums by US insurers, is likely that the health insurance system in the United States will implode and this much-maligned reform will be abolished before the end of the term of Mr. Donald Trump! Our compatriots, even on the other side of the world, will no longer be able to say that they did not know. It is up to them to take their precaution by asking for a free and uncommitted study from a specialized insurer, as is the case at French Expat Company.


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