BASE Jumpers perform epic semi-driving jumps on Perrine Bridg

Hey kids, don’t try this at home. These BASE jumpers decided it would be fun to perform a series of jumps from a semi-truck as it crosses the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls. They filmed everything.

These jumpers are already obviously crazy about jumping over and over again from a perfectly thin bridge, but that makes them even crazier. The 4 jumpers decided to all climb to the top of a semi-truck and jump off the truck one by one as it descended the Perrine Bridge. My heart started racing just looking at him.

I find it hilarious that they say how high he was on the semi-truck. Dude, have you ever jumped off the bridge 486 feet in the air but the semi-truck was high? Do you see how close they are to banging their heads on red lights! The entire video is completely bonkers. That being said, it’s absolutely epic.

The video was uploaded on Halloween this year. I know this isn’t the first time people like Miles Daisher and Shawn Chuma have done crazy stunts. These guys are famous for their craziness. I’m so happy that it was all filmed and everyone came out 100%.

I would still never jump off the bridge in a million years, but kudos to those who can face their fears like this. Adrenaline junkies are fun to watch.

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