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Travel medical insurance should be high on your vacation to-do list if you are traveling abroad. Your health insurance plan in the United States may not have global coverage or may have a high off-grid deductible. And Medicare is not accepted outside of the United States in almost all cases.

While international travel offers excitement, enrichment, and fun, there is always the possibility that you will get sick or hurt yourself. A comprehensive travel insurance policy will include coverage for medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation. The nominal cost of a travel insurance policy can save you thousands in expenses if you need medical attention abroad.

And if your condition worsens and you need to be transferred to a higher-level medical facility, your travel insurance plan covers that transportation as part of medical evacuation coverage.

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If your travels take you to a remote location, like a Botswana safari or a private jeep tour of the Australian backcountry, it makes sense to have an extra layer of protection on top of travel insurance. It may be worth considering a medical transport subscription such as Medjet, which will take you on a private medical evacuation or private air ambulance to the hospital of your choice or even bring you back to the United States for medical treatment.

It is important to note that this is hospital-to-hospital transport only. Membership will not cover the cost of transportation to get you to your home.

In addition to Medjet, other companies offering this type of membership and service are International SOS, MedAire, SkyMed and Global Rescue.

What does an emergency transport membership cover?

A standard travel insurance policy will usually include emergency medical evacuation benefits that will take you to the nearest facility that can “adequately” treat your medical condition. But the closest suitable facility may not be a top medical facility or to your liking. This is where a Medjet subscription offers additional protection.

“All Medjet subscriptions cover medical air transportation to a home hospital if you become ill or injured, and are hospitalized while traveling, including for Covid,” said Mike Hallman, CEO of Medjet. “No one wants to be stuck in a foreign hospital, so we make sure that doesn’t happen.”

For MedjetAssist members, Medjet makes all the arrangements: ground transportation, planes, pilots and intensive care personnel, and they stay in touch with your family and the host hospital. “We pay for all transportation expenses,” says Hallman.

Medjet memberships also cover domestic travel: whenever you are more than 150 miles from your residence, you are entitled to the same medical transportation.

A MedjetHorizon subscription takes service up a notch by adding 24/7 security and crisis response for a wide range of security threats on the go. Hallman says this level of membership offers expert advice and in-country response when dealing with “violent crime, political threat, natural disaster, disappearance, terrorism, kidnapping for ransom, wrongful detention” and other issues. which are of great concern to travelers. days.

Medjet also takes care of the repatriation of mortal remains. “If someone dies in a foreign country, there are many places that can make it very difficult and very expensive to bring the body home,” Hallman said. “It’s a complicated process and I don’t wish it on any grieving family. It’s just better to have someone who knows what they’re doing to take care of it.

How companies like Medjet are filling the insurance gap

Any medical evacuation coverage you have with your travel insurance, business travel benefits, credit card coverage, or personal health insurance (if you are traveling to the United States) is still valuable. But a membership like Medjet protects you even more.

“We always recommend that people have travel insurance for hospital costs and trip interruptions. But the medical evacuation benefits of most travel insurance (or business insurance, or credit card or health insurance benefits) are strictly designed to get you to the nearest hospital in an emergency, ”says Hallman. .

The lack of a travel insurance plan may be that it typically focuses on staying at that hospital for treatment rather than returning home, Hallman explains. “This is where we come in. We transport you to your home hospital even if the move is not “medically necessary”. It is up to you to make the decision for the insurance company.

And medical repatriation (which Medjet does) is very expensive.

Because Medjet is a membership program, no insurance, there are no claim forms, no deductibles and no post-transport administrative processes.

“There are no mountains of paperwork or personal expenses after a transport,” says Hallman. “We have had many members who have called after a transport, looking for the invoice to include in all of their other returns, and they are always very pleasantly surprised to find that there is none.”

Common reasons for using Medjet

Common reasons for using a Medjet subscription can range from crooked ankles and heart attacks to allergic reactions to injuries from car crashes.

Hallman says one patient was a doctor who volunteered at a clinic in the Galapagos Islands and had a seizure. “Her husband was back in the States and just wanted her to come home, so we had her brought home,” Hallman recalls.

Another member was a surfer who broke his neck in Nicaragua, where the hospital decided he couldn’t treat him and actually asked him to leave. “His brother arranged for him to be admitted to a spine center in Florida, so we moved him there,” says Hallman.

Another member, a traveler to Egypt, slipped towards the pyramids and found himself in (what her husband described as) “a hospital full of cats”. Hallman says she was very relieved when the transport crew arrived to pick her up.

Who needs Medjet?

Hallman says anyone who travels could use a Medjet subscription.

“Traditionally, our MedjetAssist membership has attracted luxury travelers over the age of 50 a bit more. Before Covid, they were really the demographic group that cared the most about their health and their ability to return home to their own doctors and families in the event of a medical emergency, ”Hallman said. “But I think with Covid even the youngest travelers are now very worried about being stuck in a hospital somewhere, so our demographics definitely tend to go down a bit.”

With MedjetHorizon, which adds security services, Hallman reports that the typical customer is between 35 and 55 years old, especially those who travel alone frequently.

And he says families who send children overseas gravitate to MedjetHorizon as well. “They want to be able to call someone for safety issues and be able to bring them home if they’re really sick or injured,” says Hallman.

What does Medjet not provide?

Medjet does not provide medical evacuation (medical evacuation) from the site of an accident. Your travel or health insurance “should cover your transport to the nearest hospital for stabilization in the event of an accident,” he says.

Plus, membership won’t provide a ride home just because you don’t feel good in your hotel room.

And if you go to the ER for, say, a simple wrist fracture or a cut, and you’re treated and fired, you’re not eligible, because if you’ve been discharged, you don’t need to. medical transport, says Hallman.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a post-illness or post-accident membership. You must register before the trip.

What is the cost of Medjet?

Short-term Medjet subscriptions start at $ 99. Annual memberships to MedjetAssist, where you can travel as much as you want in a year, up to 90 consecutive days abroad on a single trip, cost $ 295 for an individual, $ 399 for a family (two adults and up to five children).

MedjetHorizon short trip subscriptions start at $ 184 for an individual or $ 314 for a family.

There are special memberships for students and teachers, memberships for expats (for people who will be abroad for more than 90 days per trip), diamond memberships for people over 75 and a motorcycle membership, where not only do you get home but also get your bike to a home repair shop.

Erica Lamberg is a personal finance and travel writer based in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She is a regular contributor to USA Today and her writing credits include NBC News, US News & World Report, Business Insider, Oprah Magazine and

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Top Doctors Say Not So Fast About Biden’s Boosters For All Plan Sat, 18 Sep 2021 23:23:00 +0000

WASHINGTON (AP) – Just a month ago, President Joe Biden and his health advisers announced big plans to soon deliver a coronavirus vaccine booster to all Americans. But after campaigning for the White House on a pledge to “follow the science,” Biden found himself unusually early with this lofty statement.

Some of the country’s top medical advisers on Friday delivered a scathing rebuke to the idea, essentially telling the White House: not so fast.

A key government advisory group overwhelmingly rejected Biden’s plan to give COVID-19 booster shots at all levels and instead recommended the extra dose of vaccine only for those who are 65 years of age or older or at high risk serious illness.

Biden’s Aug. 18 announcement that the federal government was preparing to step up protection for nearly all Americans came with great fanfare. It aimed to calm the nerves of millions of Americans fearing a new, more transmissible strain of the coronavirus.

“The plan is for each adult to receive a booster shot eight months after receiving your second injection,” Biden said, noting that his administration would be ready to begin the program on September 20.

Biden added the qualification that the third doses would require approval from health officials from the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but his public message glossed over the nuance.

“Just remember,” he said, “as a simple rule of thumb: eight months after your second injection, give yourself a booster shot. “

Biden’s plan sparked immediate outrage from global health groups who urged the United States and other wealthy countries to refrain from administering boosters until poorer countries can provide them. first doses to their most vulnerable citizens.

“Viewed from a global perspective, this is a waste of a scarce global resource, as a result of which people will die,” said Dr Peter Lurie, president of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. “I feel quite comfortable saying this,” he added, acknowledging that national political considerations weigh differently on presidents.

The Biden plan has also been criticized by medical professionals, who cited a lack of safety data on additional doses and raised doubts about the value of mass boosters, rather than those aimed at specific groups.

“This created tremendous pressure on the agency to accept what the White House wanted,” said Lurie, who called the FDA panel’s decision a “rebuke” of Biden’s efforts to bypass procedures. standard. “This is what we are trying to get past after the Trump era.”

“Tracking them has served the FDA very well when they did,” he added. He compared the expeditious authorization of the vaccines to the agency’s brief flirtation with unproven COVID-19 treatments such as the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine during the Trump administration. “When they get away from it, they’re in trouble.”

The non-binding recommendation of external experts who advise the FDA is not the last word. The FDA will review the group’s advice and make its own decision, likely in a few days. The CDC is expected to weigh in next week.

One of the FDA advisers, Dr Paul Offit of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, told reporters after the meeting that while the Biden administration had scheduled recalls for the general population, “it is not that. It’s, ‘We’re going to test the water one foot at a time.’ ”

The committee “parked it all and did its job,” said Norman Baylor, former director of the FDA’s vaccine review office. “I’m going to be very frank here: I think this meeting was rushed. I would say it should have happened later, ”so the FDA had more data to make the decision.

White House allies have defended the administration’s aggressive preparation for the boosters, which included regular messages from medics about their need and the strengthening of the federal stockpile of doses.

They argue that the American people elect a president, not a scientist, to act in their best interests. They believe the alternative – waiting for recalls to be prepared until federal health officials give the green light – could have cost lives.

US Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy told reporters ahead of the panel vote that the administration aims to be transparent with the public about the promise of boosters that provide long-lasting protection and does not try to pressure regulators for them to act. He said the administration also wanted to be ready in case the recalls were approved.

“We have always said that this initial plan would be subject to independent assessment by the FDA and CDC,” Murthy said. “We will follow this assessment and their recommendations, we will ensure that our final plan reflects it.”

“What we were doing in August and continue to do there is really prioritizing transparency and preparation,” he added.

Administration officials noted that the experts’ recommendation on Friday would likely result in callbacks for those most likely to get them anyway if the general public were given the green light. Seniors were among the first group of Americans to be eligible for vaccination after being cleared last December, followed by those with pre-existing conditions that put them at a higher risk of serious illness. These populations represent tens of millions of Americans, officials said.

After Friday’s vote, the White House attempted to portray the advisory group’s action in a positive light.

“Today was an important step forward in providing better protection to Americans against COVID-19,” White House spokesman Kevin Munoz said. “We are ready to provide booster shots to eligible Americans once the process is complete at the end of next week.”

Dr Leana Wen, former Baltimore health commissioner who regularly comments on the pandemic, said the boosters decision “is not just a scientific one. It is one of the values.

“Because when we’re looking at issues like extra doses for Americans or people around the world, it’s not the right decision for a scientific regulatory committee,” she said. “It depends on the President of the United States. “


Associated Press editors Matthew Perrone and Lauran Neergaard contributed to this report.

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Secretary-General’s annual report reveals world being tested “to the limit” | Thu, 16 Sep 2021 16:35:06 +0000

“The health, social, economic and human rights crises triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have underscored the importance of multilateral cooperation – and put it to the test,” Secretary-General António Guterres said.

From protecting people and jobs to helping governments secure a sustainable and equitable recovery, the United Nations has played a central role in the response to the pandemic.

It has helped some 160 countries fight the health, humanitarian, social and economic impacts of the virus and has helped more than 260 million students access distance learning.

At the same time, to demystify misinformation about COVID-19, the UN Verified initiative has released more than 1,000 pieces of digital content in at least 50 languages.

Protect people around the world


UN doctors give free medical consultations to families in Niger.

Because human rights are central to the work of the United Nations to promote peace and security, social stability, public health and a healthy environment, the Organization has supported 8,594 victims of contemporary forms of slavery in 23 countries, in partnership with 89 states to reform discriminatory laws and assisted 40,000 victims of torture in 78 countries.

In the report, UN Head of Political Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo described the pandemic as “a test of political stress”, which “also confirmed that political will to make and maintain peace can overcome no any obstacle, especially if there is the support of the world community. ”

The UN has also helped 81,000 stateless people to acquire or confirm their identity and supported 82.5 million people fleeing war, famine and persecution.

The head of UN peacekeeping, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, stressed the importance of “our collective dedication”, saying that the people “who depend on us expect no less”.

Accelerate development

The Organization continued to promote evidence-based policies that help states recover from the pandemic while advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The UN has helped five million people find work in 28 crisis-affected countries, helped 1.2 million vulnerable people in 13 states secure tenure, and helped 24 million people access services financial institutions in 22 countries.

And on the ground, resident coordinators and United Nations country teams have assisted more than 240 million people with essential services, 36 million with essential water and sanitation supplies, and 120 million with social protection programs.

Its rapid and integrated support to Africa’s response to COVID focused on health and humanitarian interventions as well as socio-economic assistance to protect vulnerable populations.

The Organization also provided early policy guidance and launched the Africa Knowledge Center on COVID-19 and Africa Dashboard Digital One-Stop Shops for verified information and data.

Women in India are encouraged to play a leading role in sustainable development, especially on gender issues.

UNDP India

Women in India are encouraged to play a leading role in sustainable development, especially on gender issues.

Climate crisis

By mobilizing global climate action, from scientific reports to public advocacy and private negotiation, the UN has helped create a growing coalition for net zero emissions by mid-century and educate the investment community on makes fossil fuels riskier and more expensive. than renewable energies.

In addition, the Ambition Climate Summit last December delivered plans and commitments from 75 countries on their intentions to reduce global emissions by 45% by 2030 compared to 2010 levels, in accordance with the Paris Agreement. .

Fight against crime

The pandemic has also amplified global exposure to crime, corruption, drugs and terrorism, with stay-at-home orders heightening the risks of domestic violence and online sexual exploitation.

Greater inclusion and better access to justice have become more vital than ever over the past year.

The UN has helped achieve this goal by contributing to COVID-19 preparedness in detention centers, which has improved detention conditions and basic services for detainees and increased its activities in line to strengthen support for cybercrime, with a focus on online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

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Joplin man sentenced to stand trial in criminal harassment case Sat, 11 Sep 2021 22:33:00 +0000

September 11 – A judge ruled this week that a 61-year-old Joplin man should stand trial for harassing his ex-girlfriend and trying to crash into his vehicle on her way to work.

Associate Judge Joe Hensley ordered Terry L. Thompson to stand trial on charges of first degree domestic assault, criminal harassment and violation of a protection order after a preliminary hearing in County Circuit Court Thursday from Jasper. The judge set the accused’s initial appearance in a trial chamber of the court for September 28.

The ex-girlfriend told the hearing that she and Thompson broke up on February 8 and subsequently had to seek protection orders against him twice because he would not leave her alone , constantly calling her and even following her at work. .

She said she dropped the first court order she made against him in an attempt to “try to calm him down”. But she ended up getting a second on him in May when he followed her vehicle on her way to work, forced her into a bend lane with his van, then drove straight into his vehicle. at 17th Street and Wall Avenue as she tried to get to the police station to report her behavior.

Even after receiving the second protection order the day after this incident, he continued to text her several times and repeatedly call her in violation of the order, she told the court.

Jeff Lehr is a reporter for the Joplin Globe.

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Domestic violence crisis in the military worsened after 20 years of war Thu, 09 Sep 2021 01:12:21 +0000

Deployment. Post-traumatic stress disorder. Self-medication with alcohol. Domestic violence. And finally, in some cases, sexual assault.

It’s a cycle that longtime retired military attorney Captain Tony Hosein has seen several times.

Hosein, who served as legal aid and special advocate for victims for the military before retiring in February, had helped dozens of domestic violence survivors – “I’ve seen the worst of the worst.” But cases usually didn’t reach his office until an abusive situation had escalated.

“A lot of times domestic violence leads to sexual assault. And I think it should be given the same attention and they should have the same resources available to them,” he said.

The Pentagon has spent $ 1 billion on a program for victims of domestic violence since 2015. Survivors say they haven’t been able to get help.

A two-year investigation by CBS News found that around 100,000 incidents of domestic violence have been reported to the military since 2015. Most of the roughly 40 survivors who reported domestic violence to the military and who spoke to CBS News described a faulty system.

“I started out very idealistic, you know, wanting to help, wanting to do better. And just somewhere over the years it was just – I felt like I was spinning my wheels,” Hosein said.

“Incidents of domestic violence in the military” were “more than double that of the national population,” according to 2019 data cited by the nonprofit Blue Star Families.

Liz Knight was one of the people helped by Hosein. While Military Police investigated and found probable cause to charge the person they accused of physically assaulting her, Knight’s case did not go to court martial. Instead, the alleged perpetrator received a local letter of reprimand, which she said was deleted from his file when he left South Korea.

‘It was a serious betrayal’: army failed to tackle domestic violence, survivors say

“There was no protection for me. There was no help. There was no resource,” Knight said. “The soldier is an asset. They need him. They spent a lot of money training him to do his job. And who am I? As long as I’m withdrawn and I’m not part of the problem, then they have their soldier. ”

The military places more importance on the soldier than on the safety of the victim, Hosein said, because “the military is responsible for fighting the wars of this nation. So the most important thing for the military, they are his soldiers “.

“The soldiers are great at what they do. They are great at the wars in this country,” he said. “But when they get home, there is a disconnection. They are no longer in combat. A lot of them suffer from PTSD and other traumas.”

Before Hosein began working with survivors, he was the defense attorney for soldiers who allegedly committed sexual assault and rape. It gave him an unusual outlook. “There are people who have done horrible things that I might have helped, you know. But I got to see the other side, and the hurt, and the trauma, and the pain from the point of view. of the victim, “he said.

Department of Defense policy requires commanders to ensure that military offenders are held accountable. Commanders also have the power to make decisions about the outcome of a case, including whether it goes to court martial. Hosein said those decisions about the outcome of a case, including whether it should go to court martial, should be made by a prosecutor or a judge.

A woman reported domestic violence to the air force. This is how his investigation unfolded.

“Great for the soldier. But for the victim, it looks like she’s in a system rigged against her,” he said. “Until there is a drastic change, I think we will always see the same trends. Domestic violence in the military, I think, will persist.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said he is taking the problem and its impact on the military and their families “with the utmost seriousness.”

“Sexual assault, sexual harassment and domestic violence continue to plague our ranks. These crimes have profoundly damaging and sometimes deadly consequences for service members and our families, and have a fundamental impact on our readiness for combat,” Austin said. in a written statement to CBS News.

In a statement to CBS News, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin wrote:

Sexual assault, sexual harassment and domestic violence continue to plague our ranks. These crimes have profoundly damaging and sometimes fatal consequences for service members and our families, and have a fundamental impact on our readiness to fight. While I cannot comment on individual cases, I take these issues and the impact on the men and women in the service, and their families, very seriously. One of my first actions as Secretary of Defense was creating an independent review board on sexual assault and harassment in the military. In July of this year, the Commission made 82 recommendations regarding accountability; prevention; climate and culture; and victim care and support. So here is what we do. First, we are working closely with Congress on legislative proposals to remove from the military chain of command decisions on whether or not to prosecute sexual assault and related crimes, including domestic violence. Second, the Department will create dedicated offices within each service to deal with these specific crimes. Third, we called on Congress to formally add sexual harassment as an offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Finally, my team and I are reviewing an implementation roadmap for the many other thoughtful recommendations included in the IRC report.

Together, these are among the most significant reforms to our military in decades. Additionally, I have led immediate steps across the department to understand what is happening at the facility and unit level. We assess compliance with sexual assault and harassment policies and visit bases around the world that are either promising to identify solutions, or shed light on the positives and export best practices. We continue to focus intensively on increasing prevention efforts, training and streamlining and improving accountability mechanisms. And as always, we continue to focus on the care and support we provide to victims. The women and men of our armed forces dedicate their lives to defending our nation and deserve a workplace and a home free from sexual assault, sexual harassment and domestic violence.

President Biden has made resolving this issue an unprecedented priority, and we have moved swiftly and deliberately to resolve it. I believe bold action, commitment and accountability are needed, and that is exactly what we have and will continue to do. This is not a short term problem and will not be resolved with short term strategies. This requires sustained action and commitment at the highest level of the Defense Ministry – every commander, civilian leader and force member must be a necessary part of the solution. Our people and our preparation are inextricably linked. These crimes endanger both. We find this unacceptable and we are not afraid to change what we do, how we continue and how best to prevent them. It’s a question of leadership, and we will lead.

President Biden clashes with Catholic community over abortion

Vice President Harris campaigns for California Governor Gavin Newsom

White House Tackles Rising Prices, Fuel Supply Problems

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31 countries and territories in the world that do not have an army Sat, 04 Sep 2021 20:11:36 +0000

There are nations that do not only receive large numbers of capital as offshore centers and their normative benevolence towards tax practices.

Most of them, in addition, save the military bill.

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They have no armed forces. Although their national security is guaranteed by great superpowers.

Certain nations of the planet enjoy a double advantage.

Through the income attracting huge amounts of capital they receive in their territorial jurisdictions attracted by the low taxation of their regulatory laws. But also on the expenditure side. Because most of these territories, which have the highest per capita income levels on the planet.

Sometimes in large emerging markets they don’t spend refunds on their military games. They survive without armed forces.

They don’t seem to need it either; the superpowers take care of it. They take responsibility for your safety in the event of danger to their national defenses. Or, in some cases, jurisdictional, to be more exact.

These are the 31 countries or territories without military forces:

1. Andorra. The Pyrenean mini-state of only 85,000 inhabitants has its own police, the Cos de Policia d’Andorra, but it is not a military body. The defense of this independent enclave is the responsibility of Spain and France, by proximity.

2. Aruba. This Caribbean island state is a separate and semi-autonomous territory of the Netherlands which in recent years has become a particularly popular destination for tourism. The defense of its 116,000 inhabitants is in charge of its former metropolis and focuses its efforts, essentially, on the fight against organized crime and terrorism.

3. Cayman Islands. Also located in the Caribbean, they belong to the Overseas Territories of the United Kingdom, a nation that offers and administers the defense of its archipelago, just 150 miles south of Cuba. Yet there is a national police force, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Force.

4.- Cook Islands. They take their name from the captain of the British Royal Navy, James Cook. An independent island located in the South Pacific but a Free State associated with New Zealand, the country in charge of its defense, but only at the request and on prior request of the authorities of this island country.

5.- Costa Rica. The Central American nation gave up having its own army in 1949, although its police force usually performs the functions of a military establishment. The so-called Central American Switzerland proclaimed its permanent status as a neutral and unarmed country in 1983. But its protection corresponds to the United States.

6. Curacao. Another Caribbean island and state lacking an army. However, its security is controlled by the Netherlands, which also takes responsibility for the foreign policy of its nearly 150,000 inhabitants. In a referendum in 2009, it was approved that the country should have its own government, albeit within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard also provide them with maritime security.

7. Dominica. West Indies Island, member of the Commonwealth, the union of sovereign states which were former British colonies. Under the protection of London. Despite a police force that also acts as a coast guard, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police.

8.- Faroe Islands. Located in the North Atlantic, between the British Isles, Norway and Iceland, they have 51,000 inhabitants. Denmark, on which they depend because of their status as an autonomous territory attached to this European partner, is the one that provides them with defense in the event of an attack. This is done by its Arctic Command, a division of its armed forces.

9.- French Polynesia. In the south of the Pacific Ocean, the best known territory of which is Tahiti. It has approximately 290,000 registered inhabitants. Its security depends on France.

10.- Greenland. The largest island in the North Atlantic is an autonomous territory belonging to Denmark. Closer to North America, the United States has just made the third historic attempt to acquire this territory and integrate it into its federation of states. Since 2008, he has enjoyed wide powers of his own government. In domestic matters. A year later, it approved its Self-Government Act, which recognizes the ability of its citizens to demand the right to self-determination under international law. Copenhagen exercises control over several areas, including foreign affairs and security. The financier too.

11.- Grenada. Island in the West Indies, the Caribbean. Since the American invasion in 1983, the country has lacked military forces. However, they do have a police force, the so-called Royal Grenada Police Force, which acts as a coast guard.

12.- Iceland. Although it is a member of NATO, it does not have a standing army. The Atlantic Alliance is responsible for its defense. Since 2006, all American forces have withdrawn from the country. Reykjavik participates in peacekeeping missions through civilian crisis management units.

13. Kiribati. Independent state since 1979, it is located west of the Pacific Ocean. It has 109,000 inhabitants. The Gilbert Islands are constitutionally prohibited from creating armed forces. Although it has police forces.

14. Liechtenstein. It is the sixth smallest state in the world. It has police forces which cooperate closely with the armies of its neighbors, Austria and Switzerland.

15.- Marshall Islands. After nearly four decades under the American administration, they gained their independence in 1986. However, the United States continues to grant them military protection to guarantee their national defense.

16. Mauritius. The island of the Indian Ocean, with 1.3 million inhabitants, obtained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1968. It has paramilitary units with police status, the Special Mobile Force, in charge of internal security and outside the country.

17.- Micronesia. Most of its territory is made up of the Caroline Islands, which joined other island territories in 1979, ending American rule. The Federation of the States of Micronesia became independent in 1986. Without an army, its security depends on the United States.

18.- Monaco. The second smallest country in the world, with only 31,000 inhabitants, has ceded the security of its city-state to France.

19.- Montserrat. Caribbean island considered a British Overseas Territory since 1783. Repeated volcanic eruptions have forced thousands of residents to leave the country over the past 25 years. Although it has its own police force, it lacks military strength and depends on the UK for its defense.

20.- Nauru. South of the Marshall Islands, it is the smallest republic on the planet. After passing through various sovereignties over the past two centuries, the country was declared a United Nations Trust Territory after World War II. In 1968, he obtained independence. With only 10,000 inhabitants, its defense, via a bilateral agreement, is provided and managed by Australia.

21.- Niue. In the South Pacific, the island has 1,600 inhabitants and is an autonomous territory, albeit freely associated with New Zealand, which is the nation that provides foreign security. He has a police force.

22.- Palau. Located west of the ancient Caroline Islands. The archipelago opposed its unification with the Federation of States of Micronesia in 1978 and immediately declared itself as an independent state. Despite this, it still has a free association agreement with the United States, whose military forces are allowed to station on its territory. Although it never happened. It has a national police force.

23.- Panama. The Central American nation abolished the army in 1990 and created the Panamanian Public Forces. It has police forces, a national aviation service and border surveillance units. Since 1994, the Constitution of Panama has prohibited the creation of a standing army.

24.- Saint Lucia. Island belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations. Without an army, it has a police force and special units and a specific naval unit.

25.- Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Caribbean island which gained its independence in 1979 after being subordinated to the United Kingdom. Out of 102,000 inhabitants, they have no army, but have their own police force.

26.- Samoa. First Polynesian nation to gain independence in 1962. It has no defense structure or regular armed forces, but it has police units. His defense is agreed with New Zealand.

27. San Marino. It is not only the oldest republic in the world, but the third smallest country in Europe. This mini-state, geographically inserted in Italy, does not have an army either, although it has voluntary military forces that intervene in official ceremonies and are likely to be used as police forces. In case of emergency, this State reserves the right to ask all San Marino between the ages of 16 and 60 to use weapons. Responsibility for its defense lies with Italy.

28. Saint-Martin (Saint-Martin). Autonomous island in the Caribbean, although it is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. While its northern territory is an overseas enclave of France. Defense is the responsibility of the Netherlands.

29.- Solomon Islands. Independent since 1978, they have a police force. Between 2003 and 2017, he had to receive police and military assistance from some fifteen countries to restore political and civil order after successive waves of violence, which catapulted crime rates to exorbitant limits.

30.- Tuvalu. Since gaining independence in 1978, the Pacific Island – known as Ellice during its period as a British colony -, the fourth smallest country on the planet, with just 11,000 inhabitants, has had a police force, but no military force.

31.- Vanuatu. Until the proclamation of its independence in 1980, it belonged to the New Hebrides, Pacific territories administered by the United Kingdom and France. Its state is made up of 80 islands. Without the Army, it has a police force, a mobility force and a maritime police squadron.

Among all these states, a majority group is included among the various international classifications of tax havens, although these lists are published by alleged economic and tax information exchange agreements to monitor and prosecute possible tax evasion offenses. and money laundering.

The case of Switzerland

Another significant case is that of Switzerland. He has succeeded in being the image of neutrality. Historically. But the supposedly most pacifist nation is the 33rd most powerful army on the planet, according to the Global FirePower 2019 ranking and the country with the most armed population; at the rate of 46 weapons per hundred inhabitants. Almost one inhabitant in two.

In addition to requiring, by law, military training for its citizens aged 20 to 42 years. To men on a compulsory basis and to women on a voluntary basis. A paradox in a State which has never participated in military conflicts, but through which 2 million private weapons are moved in the possession of its 8.3 million inhabitants. In addition to the arsenal of his army.

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Man faces jail time for multiple domestic battery convictions Sat, 28 Aug 2021 17:16:00 +0000

Aug 28 — CHEYENNE – A man accused of beating a woman in an argument pleaded guilty in Laramie County District Court on Monday.

Gabriel Anthony Roybal pleaded guilty to a felony of domestic violence, a third or subsequent offense within 10 years, under a plea deal. The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a fine of $ 2,000, or both.

According to the agreement, three misdemeanor charges – two protection order violations and one charge of destruction of property – will be dismissed in sentencing, along with a usual criminal amelioration, which can be applied if a person was convicted of two or more crimes.

Following his guilty plea, Roybal’s probation was revoked in a previous domestic battery case. He pleaded guilty in August 2018 to the same count, domestic battery felony, third or subsequent offense within 10 years. In this case, the state will advocate for the underlying sentence of two to four years in prison, although Roybal and his lawyer may argue for a different provision.

In the most recent case, the state, Roybal and his lawyer agreed to three years of supervised probation with a suspended sentence of four to five years in jail. If the sentencing recommendation is followed, Roybal would serve the three years of probation after serving his prison sentence for the 2018 domestic battery case.

Laramie County District Judge Thomas Campbell set Roybal’s sentence on November 15.

At approximately 10:16 p.m. on October 11, a Cheyenne police officer responded to a domestic physical disturbance. One woman reported that Roybal, who she said was heavily drunk, came to the residence around 9:30 p.m. after going there earlier in the day and started arguing with the woman, court documents show. Roybal pushed the woman away, threw her to the ground and then started punching her in the face. The woman tried to retaliate, but couldn’t and yelled at Roybal to stop. Roybal then hit his head on the ground.

The woman fled to her bedroom, where she locked the door and called a friend, according to court documents. When she heard Roybal leave, the woman saw that furniture in her living room had been thrown and turned over, and several items had been thrown.

The woman and her son had a protection order against Roybal, according to court documents. The woman said Roybal also visited the residence earlier today with her and her son.


Heard Thursday before the district court:

Travis Patrick Garton has pleaded guilty to aggravated bodily harm with a deadly weapon, a felony, under a plea deal. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, a fine of $ 10,000, or both.

The state, Garton and his lawyer agreed to three years of supervised probation with a suspended sentence of three to five years in prison.

Judge Peter Froelicher has set Garton’s sentence for November 18.

On November 20, a Cheyenne police officer responded to a report of serious assault at Wyoming Motel, 1401 W. Lincolnway. A woman said her husband, Garton, had followed her to this location in his car after becoming angry with her at their home, court documents show.

Garton then wedged the woman between her front bumper and the driver’s side door, with the woman’s knee pushed hard enough against the car door to dent it, according to court documents. A witness said he saw the woman’s leg trapped between the cars and the rear wheels of Garton’s truck were spinning. The woman had visible bruising and swelling on her knee.

Also heard on Thursday before the tribunal de grande instance:

Danny Kay Rogers made a clear plea of ​​criminal animal cruelty and criminal interference with an injured peace officer as part of a plea deal. The animal cruelty charge carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison, a fine of $ 5,000 or both, and interference charges can go up to 10 years, a fine of $ 10,000 or both.

The state, Rogers and his lawyer agreed to three years of supervised probation, with a suspended sentence of up to four years in prison.

Judge Catherine Rogers has set the man’s sentence for November 22.

On December 17, 2019, a Laramie County Sheriff’s Assistant responded to the 300 block of Montalto Drive for a reported threat. A woman said her ex-boyfriend, Rogers, threatened to kill the family cat, threatened her father and kidnapped her nephew, of whom she had full custody, court documents show.

When the deputy first went to the house, Rogers did not open the door. The woman later called the deputy and said her friend had entered the apartment, only to find it in ruins. The cat was locked in the bathroom with its tail cut off, court documents show. The cat was taken to a veterinarian and the deputy took pictures of the animal actively bleeding and the tail severed.

When Rogers was finally located late that day, he began swinging at MPs, hitting one on the side of the face, according to court documents. After being pushed to the ground, he continued to punch the deputy until an electronic control device was used to overpower him.

Hannah Black is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle criminal justice reporter. She can be reached at or 307-633-3128. Follow her on Twitter at @hannahcblack.

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Palm Coast Receives 2020 Drinking Water Plant Operations Excellence Award Wed, 25 Aug 2021 20:00:52 +0000

The City of Palm Coast Utilities Department has been shortlisted to receive the 2020 Florida Department of Environmental Protection Award for Excellence in Drinking Water Plant Operation.

The utilities department has previously received the award for Best Operating Water Plant in 2020 by the Southeast Desalting Association and Best Tasting Drinking Water by the America Water Works Association in 2019.

“Our team always goes above and beyond to ensure that the utility department provides the best possible service to our residents,” said Peter Roussell, director of utility systems. “Such recognition from an organization as respected as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is an incredible achievement that every member of the utility service should be proud of. I would like to thank FDEP for this award and also to our amazing team for all their hard work.

Each year, the FDEP awards prizes to the state’s drinking water and domestic wastewater facilities that demonstrate excellence in operation, maintenance, innovative treatment, waste reduction and prevention. pollution, recycling or other special achievements. These awards recognize facilities that demonstrate a special commitment to management excellence through dedicated professionalism.

For more information on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Water Plant Operation awards, visit ….

For more information on water quality in Palm Coast City, visit

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Pritzker signs new laws to protect victims of domestic violence Mon, 23 Aug 2021 22:00:00 +0000

Several new Illinois laws aim to protect victims of domestic violence.

Senate Bill 685 creates the Domestic Violence Death Review Commission with the aim of reducing domestic violence deaths. It also aims to address disparate practices with systems that interact with victims, survivors and offenders.

“Identify gaps in community services and consider alternative and more effective system responses to avoid future deaths,” said Maurice West State Representative D-Rockford. “Instead of being reactive, we are proactive.

House Bill 3223 provides a number of trauma-informed supports and protections for K-12 students who have survived sexual abuse or gender-based violence. The bill seeks to ensure that students can stay in school and requires schools to have at least one staff member trained to respond to disclosures of domestic or sexual violence.

Hundreds of school districts opposed the bill during its debate. The Illinois Principals Association called for a vote against, saying it would negatively affect schools on many levels.

“This ensures that a staff member from each school can help students and connect them with the resources they need to get help and heal,” said State Representative Anna Moeller, D -Elgin.

The law also adds that a valid cause for being absent from school includes issues specifically related to expectant parents, parents or victims of domestic or sexual violence. The law comes into force on July 1, 2025.

House Bill 3485 allows the Illinois Supreme Court to implement a program to issue hope cards to survivors of domestic violence. State Representative Denyse Stonebeck said the card would be something simple for anyone who might need to show proof of a protection order.

“These laminated cards are much less likely to degrade or lose over time, and are much more convenient for victims of domestic violence,” said State Representative Denyse Stonebeck, D-Skokie.

House Bill 3484 allows a party in divorce proceedings to ask the opposing party to pay an allowance for an initial retainer to hire a lawyer as a form of interim fees.

House Bill 3582 expands the Illinois Victims Economic Safety and Security Act to benefit survivors of violent crime. With the law, survivors can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave work in a 12 month period.

“This new measure will ensure that all survivors of violent crimes and their family members, in addition to survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and gender-based violence, can benefit from unpaid, employment-guaranteed leave. and receive voluntary leave benefits, and receive accommodations and protections against discrimination or reprisal in the workplace, ”said State Representative Robyn Gabel, D-Evanston.

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Key words: State, Illinois, News

Original author: Kevin Bessler, The central square

Original location: Pritzker signs new laws to protect victims of domestic violence

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Rewards for Qantas customers who get vaccinated – Sun, 22 Aug 2021 23:15:00 +0000

The Qantas boss said unvaccinated Australians will no longer be allowed to fly on planes in the future, as part of the airline’s efforts to get gunshots.

They are offering vouchers or bonus points to people who upload their vaccination certificates to the Qantas app from tomorrow.

Those who do will also enter the raffle to win unlimited travel for one year.


It is hoped that the incentives will help Australia reach the 70% vaccination rate as soon as possible so that domestic travel can return to some sort of normal.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said Today’s show this morning that those who do not want to be vaccinated will end up being left behind.

“If you have any exemptions, medical reasons why you can’t get the vaccine – we’ll live with that,” Joyce said.

“But for the rest of the people who decide not to take it, I think the aviation industry is not for them.

He is back in the call saying the airline has a “duty of obligation” to its employees.

“To protect our employees at work, protect our passengers when they travel. We know that they travel.

“We know that the vaccine gives you amazing protection against COVID-19. Why would you not take this protection? Said Mr. Joyce.

To enter the raffle and win unlimited travel, Australians are invited to download the Qantas app tomorrow and upload their vaccination certificate.

“Wand delete after once we’ve checked it out, ”Mr. Joyce said.

“You can get $ 20 thousand voucher frequent travelers, it’s just for go through this process.

“We hope that many, many people will take us on this offer, ”he said.

Participants will also participate in the raffle to win unlimited travel for one year, which also includes accommodation at Accor and BP fuel vouchers.

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