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Two of four University of Idaho students who were killed on Sunday were last seen alive ordering from a food truck late at night in Moscow, Idaho around 1:41 a.m. , according to the truck’s Twitch live stream.

In the video, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves order $10 carbonara from Grub Truckers and wait about 10 minutes for their food. As they wait, they can be seen chatting to each other and to other people standing near the truck.

Joseph Woodall, 26, who runs the food truck, told CNN the two students did not appear to be in any distress or danger in any way.

The food truck video offers a useful timeline of their final hours, Moscow Police Department Chief James Fry said Wednesday in a quadruple murder case that remains open, with no suspects or murder weapons and an apparently bloody scene. where investigators were still working on Thursday. .

The students – Mogen, Goncalves, Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle – were all found stabbed to death in their common off-campus at his home on Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

Autopsies have been completed and results will be released as they become available, an employee of the Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office told CNN. Police released a statement Thursday from Latah County Coroner Cathy Mabbutt saying the cause of death was homicide and the manner of death was stabbing. No autopsy details were included.

The killings and authorities’ lack of information have upset residents of Moscow, a city of 25,000 that has not recorded any murders since 2015, according to state police data. Local police work with the FBI and State Police to track down a suspect.

Despite no arrests or suspects, Moscow police initially described the killings as a “targeted attack” and said there was no threat to the public. Fry backtracked Wednesday at his first press conference on the case.

“We can’t say there’s no threat to the community,” Fry said. “And as we said, please remain vigilant, report suspicious activity and be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

Some students left the area on the days of fall recess, which begins Monday.

“Everybody kind of went home because they’re scared (unsuspectingly) of getting caught,” college student Nathan Tinno, who planned to leave Friday after taking classes, told CNN. “It’s definitely uncomfortable.”

University President Scott Green said students are encouraged to do what’s right for them and have the support of the administration.

Latah County District Attorney Bill Thompson told NBC’s “Today Show” Thursday that investigators are still working to determine a suspect.

“We have no one in custody and the police have been unable to identify those responsible for these killings,” he said.

Jim Chapin, Ethan Chapin’s father, released a statement on Wednesday calling on police to release more information about the murders.

“There is a lack of information from the University of Idaho and local law enforcement, which only fuels false rumors and innuendo in the press and social media,” a- he declared. “The silence further aggravates the agony of our family after the murder of our son. For Ethan and his three dear friends killed in Moscow, Idaho, and all of our families, I urge those responsible to speak the truth, share what they know, find the perpetrator, and protect the community in his outfit.

Green said they are working with police to get information out to the public.

“We have helped when asked and have continually pushed for as much information as possible, knowing that we cannot interfere with the important work of a good investigation,” he said in a statement.

Officers are investigating the scene of the quadruple homicide at a home near the University of Idaho on Sunday.

Police have begun building a timeline of what happened in the hours leading up to the murders, though much remains unknown.

Chapin and Kernodle were at a party on campus Saturday night, while Mogen and Goncalves were at a downtown bar before all heading home early Sunday after 1:45 a.m., Fry said.

All four were fatally stabbed at some point early Sunday morning, Fry said, but there was no 911 call until noon. The chief did not reveal who called 911. The coroner’s statement said the four were pronounced dead at noon.

Two additional housemates were at home at the time of the deaths, neither of whom were injured or held hostage, Green said. Both roommates have fully cooperated with law enforcement, Idaho State Police spokesman Aaron Snell told CNN on Wednesday.

“There were other people at the house at the time, but we’re not just focusing on them, we’re focusing on everyone who can get in and out of this residence,” Fry said.

After the 911 call about an unconscious person, officers found the door to the house open and a gruesome crime scene.

There was no evidence of forced entry, Fry said. “We’re not 100% sure the door was unlocked, there was no damage to anything and the door was still open when we arrived,” Fry said.

There was “a fair amount of blood in the apartment,” Mabbutt told CNN affiliate KXLY on Tuesday.

“It was quite a traumatic scene to find four students dead in a residence hall,” she said.

Clockwise from left: University of Idaho students Madison Mogen, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle and Kaylee Goncalves

Just hours before their deaths, Goncalves had posted a photo of the group with the caption “a girl lucky to be surrounded by these people every day”, adding a heart emoji.

The 21-year-old from Rathdrum, Idaho, was a senior majoring in general studies and a member of Alpha Phi sorority.

His older sister, Alivea Goncalves, sent a statement to the Idaho statesman on behalf of her and Mogen’s family.

“They were smart, they were alert, they were cautious and it all still happened,” she said. “No one is in custody and that means no one is safe. Yes, we are all heartbroken. Yes, we are all seized. But anger is stronger than any of those feelings. We are angry. You should be angry.

Mogen, 21, was from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and had a degree in marketing. She was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority.

Chapin, 20, was one of three triplets, all enrolled at the University of Idaho, his family said in a statement. He was a freshman from Conway, Washington, majoring in recreation, sports, and tourism management. He was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

“Ethan lit up every room he walked in and was a kind, loyal and loving son, brother, cousin and friend,” said his mother, Stacy Chapin. “Words cannot express the grief and devastation that our family is going through. It breaks my heart to know that we will never be able to hug or laugh with Ethan again, but it is also excruciating to think of how horribly he left us. has been kidnapped.

Kernodle, 20, was from Avondale, Arizona. She majored in marketing and was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority.

She was “positive, funny and loved by everyone who met her,” said her older sister, Jazzmin Kernodle.

“She was so light and always lifted a coin,” Jazzmin Kernodle said. “She made me such a proud big sister, and I wish I could have spent more time with her. She had so much life left to live. My family and I are at a loss for words, confused and anxiously awaiting investigation updates.

She also offered her condolences to the other victims and their families. “My sister was so lucky to have them in her life.”

At World Cup, USMNT to shed light on human rights concerns in Qatar Mon, 14 Nov 2022 22:56:58 +0000


DOHA, Qatar – From a football perspective, the mission of the United States men’s national team when it gathered for its first official training here on Monday was narrow: to complete preparations for the World Cup, polish tactics ahead of next week’s opener against Wales and aim to advance out of the group stage.

For four years, coach Gregg Berhalter and his 26-man team have worked towards this moment – to make amends for the failure to even qualify for the tournament last time out and to deliver on promises that have eluded the American men’s program for much of its history. .

Players and coaches have not lost sight of goals that extend well beyond the pitch, however. They are not oblivious to human rights concerns in the host country, and as the global spotlight turns to the month-long tournament which begins on Sunday, they want to use football’s huge platform to help stimulate change.

Graphic: USMNT World Cup roster released. Here’s who made the cut.

In a media room tucked inside Al-Gharrafa Stadium – the Americans’ training base for the duration of their stay in Qatar – a wall is decorated in the colors of the rainbow and the crest of the American Football Federation displays the same motif. It’s a show of support for LGBT rights in a country where homosexuality is illegal and where former Qatari player Khalid Salman, World Cup ambassador, recently told a German broadcaster that homosexuality is ” damage to the spirit”.

The USSF said it would display the colors at other venues it controls, such as the team hotel, media areas and fan parties the day before matches. Players will not wear the rainbow crest on match kits.

“We’ve spoken to the team over the last 18 months about Qatar, about the social issues in Qatar, and we think it’s important when we’re on the world stage – and when we’re on a world stage like Qatar – to raise awareness of these issues,” Berhalter said. “We recognize that Qatar has made a ton of progress, but there is still work to be done.”

There are limits, imposed and self-imposed, on the actions World Cup teams can take on social issues without compromising their position in the tournament. FIFA, the world governing body for sport, does not allow team equipment to display any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images. For its part, the American team is keen to respect its hosts while continuing to educate them.

Qatar’s selection to host the World Cup has also drawn attention to the treatment of migrant workers, who make up a large proportion of the country’s 3 million people. In addition to the traditional red and white uniforms, Denmark will have the option of wearing black shirts to protest Qatar’s human rights record.

FIFA won’t oppose the shirts but have rejected the Danes’ request to train in shirts labeled ‘human rights for all’.

Today’s WorldView News: The Political Debate Around the World Cup in Qatar

Earlier this month, FIFA wrote a letter to all 32 teams, telling them: “Please let’s focus on football now!”

Additionally, several European team captains plan to wear a “OneLove” armband, promoting diversity and inclusion.

Through an initiative called “Be the Change,” American gamers have been active on social rights issues since the 2020 killing of George Floyd.

From June: Ahead of controversial World Cup, American men say they see the big picture

“It’s a sign of our values ​​and what we stand for as a national team,” said goalkeeper Sean Johnson, “and we are a group that believes in inclusiveness and we will continue to project that message to the future.”

Defender Shaq Moore added: “We are aware of what is going on, and we still want to be here and play, but also be the change.”

The United States Men’s National Team will be one of the youngest teams at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and will feature many players new to the global tournament. (Video: Joshua Carroll/The Washington Post)

The men’s and women’s national teams wore rainbow colors on their uniforms during home friendlies and supported social justice causes by printing messages on training materials.

“Our rainbow badge plays an important and cohesive role in the identity of American football,” USSF communications manager Neil Buethe said in a statement Monday. “As part of our approach to any game or event, we include rainbow branding to support and embrace the LGBTQ community, as well as to promote a spirit of inclusion and welcome for all fans around the world. .”

In Qatar, one of the first female World Cup referees will live an “impossible dream”

The American delegation settled into its hotel in the exclusive district of Pearl, which juts out into the Persian Gulf. The players’ lounge includes a barber chair, big-screen TVs, pool tables, foosball and a putting green. Players watched NFL games on Sunday.

Friends and family members will stay close by.

The team brought with them 30,000 pounds of equipment, food and other support materials. Besides its own barber, the US team has its own chef – an Italian named Giulio Caccamo who team officials met when the US was in San Salvador for a World Cup qualifier in September 2021. Caccamo was the hotel chef of the team there.

The Americans’ training ground in Doha is a 22,000 seat stadium several miles from the team hotel. Although players have fitness options at the hotel, the USSF has installed an outdoor gym in the stadium. US officials made numerous trips to Doha, well before the team qualified, to scout potential venues.

“It was important to try to get it right,” Berhalter said. “And we think it’s a good combination of hotel and training center.”

Remarks: All but four players took part in training on Monday, and the full group is expected to be in attendance on Tuesday. Tim Weah, Weston McKennie, Sergiño Dest and Haji Wright were due to arrive Monday night after leaving their European clubs. … Team USA will conduct a scrimmage on Thursday against a local club. … The temperature here was around 90 degrees during the day and dropped into the low 70s at night. Next week the range should be mid 80s to mid 60s.

]]> RAB27A promotes proliferation and invasion of colorectal cancer cells Sat, 12 Nov 2022 10:18:28 +0000
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  • ]]>
    All-New 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV named Green Car Journal’s 2023 Family Green Car of the Year Tue, 08 Nov 2022 14:02:00 +0000

    FRANKLIN, Tenn., November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Awards are starting to roll in for Mitsubishi’s all-new 2023 Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), even before the first vehicle has been delivered to a customer in the U.S. Today, the Outlander PHEV announced as 2023 Family Green Car of the Year™” and best performer in the segment as part of green car diary 2023 Green Car Awards. This is the third time in the past five years that the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the world’s best-selling PHEV SUV1was recognized by the publication.

    “We spent a lot of time and over 20,000 miles behind the wheel of the previous generation Outlander PHEV, which allowed us to really appreciate its capabilities,” said Ron Coganeditor and publisher of green car diary and “We are extremely impressed with the sophisticated styling and engineering of the next-generation 2023 Outlander PHEV, and particularly appreciate its significantly greater all-electric and overall range. It’s a deserving winner of the family green car award. year 2023 of the magazine.™ award.”

    The Outlander PHEV has been recognized for its blend of environmental performance and family versatility in a popular crossover package. The publication further recognized the Outlander PHEV for its offering of plug-in electric vehicle (EV) efficiency and sport utility capability. green car prices™ highlight the best environmentally friendly new model year vehicles to help with purchasing decisions.

    “What a great way to kick off the launch of the 2023 Outlander PHEV,” said Marc Chaffin, President and CEO of MMNA. “This vehicle is Mitsubishi Motors’ flagship – clean, quiet electric powertrain up to 38 miles, the ease of refueling and convenience of a gasoline engine, styling that sets it apart from other vehicles on the road and room for everything With hybrid system engineering designed to maximize EV-ness, it’s clear that the Outlander PHEV plays a central role in our 2030 environmental goals as we aim to a 40% reduction in global CO2 emissions.”

    The Outlander PHEV combines the superior efficiency of an electric vehicle, the utility of a crossover, and the stability and handling provided by Mitsubishi’s standard Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) all-wheel-drive system. .2 The PHEV has an all-electric driving range of 38 miles paired with a gasoline engine to combine for an EPA-estimated total range of 420 miles.3 The S-AWC system has been modified specifically for the Outlander PHEV’s unique dual electric motor configuration to enable maximum performance and superior traction and safety, especially in severe weather conditions.

    For more information on MMNA, visit


    1. Based on IHS Markit New Registrations of plug-in hybrid and all SUV body styles for January 2012October 2021 compiled from governments and other sources (as appropriate). IHS Markit captures 95% of global new vehicle volumes in more than 80 countries.
    2. Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) adds Active Yaw Control (AYC) to realize the AWC concept at a very high level. This integrated vehicle dynamics control system manages the driving forces and braking forces of all four wheels to help achieve vehicle behavior that matches the input of the driver under various driving conditions. S-AWC is not a substitute for safe and careful driving. S-AWC cannot prevent crashes or loss of traction in all conditions. Use caution to give your full attention to operating the vehicle in all road conditions.
    3. Up to 38 miles electric range on a full charge and a combined electric + gas range of 420 miles. Electric + Gasoline combined fuel economy of 64 MPGe. EPA highway mileage estimate. Actual mileage may vary depending on driving conditions. To be used for comparison purposes only.


    Thanks to a network of approximately 330 partner dealers across United StatesMitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) is responsible for the sales, marketing and customer service of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in the United States. In its 2030 environmental goals, MMNA’s parent company, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, has set a target of reducing CO2 emissions from its new cars by 2030 by leveraging electric vehicles – with PHEVs as part of it. mistress – to help create a sustainable society.

    MMNA is headquartered in Franklin, TNas well as the company’s operations in California, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, Floridaand Virginia.

    For more information on Mitsubishi vehicles, please contact the Mitsubishi Motors News Bureau at 615-257-2698 or visit

    Jeremy Barnes
    Senior Director, Communications and Events
    [email protected]
    Mobile: 714-296-1402

    SOURCEMitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.

    ]]> “We’re still puzzled as to why Gogglebox viewers love us” Sun, 06 Nov 2022 02:30:00 +0000 The Gruffertys of Kildare have been entertaining the nation for eight years with their TV antics. Here, popular couple Laura and Des talk to Audrey Kane about fame, family and meeting their biggest celebrity fan

    The show’s premise is simple – we watch them watch TV – but the masterful twist is that it’s really about the people themselves and their relationships.

    So it’s easy to see why fans were thrilled when season eight returned with the couple, along with daughters Danielle (18), a couch-goer, and Georgina (16), who joined in 2021.

    For eight years, the show has given viewers a glimpse into the living room of Des (48) and Laura (40). But they don’t find it to be an intrusion into their lives — instead, they credit the show with bringing them closer together.

    “Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s brought us closer together as a family. Sometimes we’re so busy and our lives go in so many different directions. It gives us time to sit down and talk – because we don’t ‘have no choice but to be there,’ laughs Des.

    “But seriously, we love doing Glasses box as a family, it gives Danielle and Georgina a chance to express their views and feelings about what is happening in the world,” he adds, referring to his daughter Danielle who remembers a group of young boys shouting “dirty lesbians” to herself and her. girlfriend in a recent episode.

    “We actually got a call from Ryan Tubridy after that show, turns out he’s a huge fan and loves our family chemistry. He chatted with Danielle about his bravery talking about the homophobic abuse she suffered .

    “That’s the beauty of Glasses boxthey are just ordinary people talking about everyday life while watching TV and chatting with their families.

    “Afterwards, he invited us to join The late show audience and I think Laura was the most excited because she really loved him. So you can imagine how thrilled she was when he surprised us and asked us to go back to the green room for a drink. He talked to us about everything from Glasses boxin hairdressing — he’s a real gentleman and so down to earth,” says the proud dad.

    “Honestly, being invited back after eight seasons still baffles us,” Des admits, “but we’ll keep doing it as long as the people watching us like us.”

    Given that the Gruffertys are one of the original cast, making them one of the oldest families on the show, it’s refreshing to know that the reality TV couple are still as strong as the day they came. began.

    “When we go out shopping and socializing, people come over and tell us how much they love the show, which is fantastic – and of course we now have a celebrity fan,” Des jokes.

    “Life has changed in many ways, but we’ve never really used the show as a stepping stone. Laura is first and foremost a top hairdresser and business owner and, as they say in the family, a well-known person” then. She’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met and the beating heart of the business. And all of her daughters would say the same.

    Although Des recognizes that it can be hard work alongside their real job, they are lucky to be able to fit in with their busy schedules.

    “We are so busy with work at the salon [House Of LA] and our beauty boutique located upstairs [Let Them Talk Beauty]then Laura has her blog [Honest to Blog], not to mention setting up and running websites. Well you can see how hard it can be trying to save time to do Glasses boxsays the busy dad.

    “Luckily the team works around our schedule and they are now part of our family.”

    Behind the scenes, the hardworking couple are best known as the dynamic duo who run the House of LA hair salon in the heart of Athy town in County Kildare. Laura, who worked in hairdressing for 25 years before becoming known on glasses box,speaks passionately about her “real life” work – and it’s clear to see why the mom-of-four is as popular on-air as it is off.

    “As a hairstylist, I talk to people every day and never bring up the show unless someone asks me directly. I’ve built strong relationships with my clients over the years, not because I appear on television, but because of my talent.

    “I’m going to work full time like everyone else, so I know people have a lot on their plate. We all have a budget, and that includes our family. We know money is tight for many, but what we don’t want to see is our customers struggling and going down the Covid-19 hair route again, ending up with homemade dyes and DIY mishaps.

    “It may not be a top priority for some, but for others, something as simple as getting your hair done can be a momentary stress reliever.

    “For these customers, we wanted to reach out and encourage them to talk to us openly or privately. Plus, we have a savings club that we’ve been running for seven years – and whether it’s €5 or €20 a week or a month, it all counts,” adds the beauty enthusiast.

    So, will any of the kids follow in their footsteps to help out in the business?

    “Courtney, my eldest daughter, is a makeup artist and works with us and my sister Shannon works there as well,” she says. “I don’t think Danielle and Georgina have any interest, they have their own ambitions. Danielle wants to be a sports physio and Georgina wants to be a veterinarian.

    “Alex, our 12-year-old son, loves cooking with his dad, but he wants to be a football expert, so Des will have to keep feeding the family and the team,” Laura laughs.

    “I love my cooking and as soon as I get the right to it, I will take over the cooking for the crew, and they will have the Glasses box belly again,” adds Des.

    Piccadilly Cinema is set to reopen, enjoy this Thu, 03 Nov 2022 03:49:32 +0000

    Piccadilly ready for recovery

    The Piccadilly Cinema in North Adelaide is set to reopen on December 15 after extensive refurbishment work focused on restoring the building’s original art deco features, such as its terrazzo flooring.

    The historic cinema first opened in the 1940s and is owned by the family-owned Wallis Cinema group, which says stage one renovations also include a replica of the original sign at the top of the building, the installation of elevators and a new, more open food and beverage area.

    The Piccadilly Cinema catering area has had a facelift.

    “We have worked hard to make The Piccadilly a unique venue, offering a variety of entertainment – ​​mainstream and art house films, retrospectives and event screenings – while making it accessible to all of our guests. “said chief executive Michelle Wallis in a statement. “We look forward to welcoming you back to this majestic building.”

    The Piccadilly has been closed for around 18 months, with the reopening timed to coincide with the highly anticipated release of the new Avatar movie, Avatar: The Way of Water.

    Somewhere over the rainbow…

    Kween Kong will host the Feast Festival 25th Anniversary Gala. Photo: provided

    SA’s annual celebration of all things queer kicks off this weekend as the Feast Festival celebrates its 25e anniversary with an assortment of comedy, music, theatre, visual arts and community events.

    Thousands of people will gather for the annual Pride march through the city on Saturday, which will be followed by a carnival opening party in Victoria Square headlined by Australian Eurovision contestant Sheldon Riley , while dancer and drag star Kween Kong – finalist in this year’s series of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down – will host a 25 Party Festivale Anniversary Gala at the Space Theater at the Adelaide Festival Center on 12 November.

    “I am beyond thrilled to be returning home to celebrate such an important event for SA,” Kween said of the gala, which will also feature cabaret artists Libby O’Donovan and Michael Griffiths, comedy duo Jack and Annie and actress-songwriter Leela Varghese. . “[I’m] so excited to be the captain of the fun bus and bring some fabulous and camping to the night.”

    Bel Mac Ambassador’s Party.

    Review asked one of Feast 2022’s ambassadors, Belinda McKeown (aka Bel Mac), to share some of the other shows she’s most looking forward to during the month-long festival:

    The Freddie Mercury Songbook (November 4): Who doesn’t understand the statement “I want to free myself” at some point in their life? Semen, energy and a trip down memory lane – any Queen fan and music lover would be crazy to miss such an awesome show.

    The Party Comedy Debate (November 12): Everything is funnier with comedian and debate host Lori Bell. Some of the most opinionated hilarious humans will come together to debate if we’re really all on the same team… hmmm.

    Night Nungay (November 19): Always a favorite on the calendar! Dress up and be entertained by some of Australia’s most talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers, ranging from drag kings and queens to dancers, plus a DJ and great vibes.

    Lived visibility (November 1-30): Even with a busy schedule, you should take the time to peek into the minds of diverse members of the LGBTIQA+ community as they share their experiences and emotions in an exhibition at U City Art Studio that invoke feelings of familiarity or the unfamiliar. Plus, it’s free !

    Patchwork Community Canvas – Immerse yourself in history (November 19): Another great free event, inspired by the Australian AIDS quilt and presented by SAMESH, where you can add your name to a hand-sewn community canvas.

    Ask anything from a queer sex worker (November 18): Mind boggling – are you going (to the Mercury Cinema) to hear what they say or are you going to see what people are going to ask? Either way, what a great space to get some insight into this stigmatized industry.

    Picnic in the park (November 27): Whether the dog show is your thing, or you want to see the new tattoo parade or soak up the music, Picnic in the Park has something for everyone – like a big hug.

    The full 2022 Holiday Party program is online.

    Meanwhile, Feast also announced this week that Adam Gardnir has been named the new president of Feast Festival 2023, succeeding Adam Gibbons. Gardnir, a former artist and current head of special events at the University of Adelaide, previously served as a board member of Melbourne’s Midsummer Festival and was director of MELT Festival Brisbane.

    It’s a wrap

    The Adelaide Film Festival screening of rib spreader.

    Adelaide Film Festival 2022 box office revenue is up 56% from the last pre-pandemic festival in 2018, with organizers saying the event’s expansion into multiple venues was ‘a resounding success’ .

    Audience attendance was also up 13% from the last AFF in 2020.

    Several winners were announced during the closing evening of the festival, with Luku Ngarra – an Aboriginal-funded documentary on the history and culture of Arnhem Land, set primarily on Elcho Island – winning the $5,000 Change Prize. The two winners of the audience award are rib spreader (fiction feature film) and the last girl (feature documentary).

    At the Moonlight

    The Moonlight Cinema will return to Adelaide Botanical Park from December 1, opening its season with Brothers – the film billed as the first Hollywood studio-backed romantic comedy featuring gay men.

    December’s outdoor cinema schedule was announced today and includes new releases such as Whitney Houston’s bio-pic I want to dance with someoneto the blockbusters of the beginning of the year like Top Gun: Maverick and Baz Luhrmann Elvis. There are also a number of retro offerings, including Love in fact, die hard and Alone at home.

    radical practice

    The Guildhouse Symposium 2022 will see members of South Australia’s arts sector gather at Sauerbier House in Port Noarlunga on November 12 for a day of discussions exploring the theme ‘Radical Practice’.

    “We each have our own self-determined rules that guide us, that define our artistic practice and, in turn, our artistic community,” he says, expanding on the theme. “In most artistic practices there is a search for radical change, social, political, environmental, personal.”

    Local and interstate artists, including Rayleen Forester, Kate Larsen, Clem Newchurch, Lara Tilbrook and Elyas Alavi, will host panel discussions on topics such as how they built community, working collaboratively and the ethics of artistic creation. Emerging songwriter Tilly Tjala Thomas will also give a live performance.

    For more details or to book tickets, visit the Guildhouse website.

    Green Room is a regular column for InReview, providing fast-paced news for those interested or involved in South Australian arts and culture.

    Contact us by writing to us at

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    Will the 6-2 Cowboys be active at the trade deadline as they enter the bye week? – Dallas Cowboys Blog Mon, 31 Oct 2022 16:03:17 +0000

    ARLINGTON, Texas — As November approaches, the spirit begins to dance to what could be for the Dallas Cowboys.

    After Sunday’s 49-29 win over the Chicago Bears, the Cowboys are 6-2. Only the Philadelphia Eagles have more wins than the Cowboys in the NFC, and they visit AT&T Stadium on Christmas Eve.

    The Cowboys’ defense was strength, although they allowed more than three touchdowns in a game for the first time and gave up 240 rushing yards to the Bears. The offense eventually surpassed 25 points in a game. Dak Prescott’s passing efficiency reappeared (21 of 27, 250 yards, 2 TDs), and the Cowboys ran for another 200 yards without Ezekiel Elliott.

    Running back Tony Pollard tied his career highs in carries (14) and yards (131) while rushing for three touchdowns as the Cowboys rested Elliott, who has a hyperextended right knee.

    Perhaps it was because Prescott experienced this before that he seemed pragmatic afterwards. Last year, the Cowboys were 6-2 after eight games and lost two of three. In 2016, they were 7-1, and despite having the NFC’s best record, they lost in the divisional round of the playoffs. The 2018 playoff race only began after a midseason trade for receiver Amari Cooper.

    “You have to stay in the moment,” Prescott said. “When you play for this organization, you know what the ultimate goal is, so let’s make no mistake about it. But, however, you can’t get ahead of yourself, and it’s about taking it one step further. day at a time, one game at a time, one week at a time. And now we’re gonna take this week off and know that we have to take care of ourselves this week. And then after that, come back to it, lower the head and grind.

    The feeling in the locker room on Sunday was in stark contrast to their feelings after losing the Sept. 11 season opener to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as Prescott suffered a broken right thumb.

    “We are in on it. And certainly after that first game, you go back to that and you think, damn it, Dak might miss 8 to 10 games,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said. “Obviously this team has stepped up and shown a lot of resilience and done everything we asked of them, and we just have to keep playing hard.”

    And now it’s time to see what the front office can do by Tuesday’s trading deadline. The last time they made a major in-season trade was when they acquired Cooper from the then-Oakland Raiders for a first-round pick in 2019. He made a major difference, as the Cowboys went from 3-4 when he arrived to 10-6 and an NFC East title.

    The Cowboys acquired nose tackle Johnathan Hankins last week from the Raiders and have been in discussions with teams about adding a wide receiver.

    “I think everything has to be the right decision,” Jones said. “…If we can make them, we will make them. Otherwise …”

    The Cowboys have won six games without Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith. They went 4-1 without Prescott. They beat the Bears without Elliott. They’ve had to deal with injuries to safeties Jayron Kearse (knee) and Malik Hooker (hamstring), cornerback Jourdan Lewis (foot), wide receiver Noah Brown (foot), linebacker Anthony Barr and even their long snapper, Jake McQuaide (triceps) and successful.

    “I mean, we’re comfortable,” Jones said. “Obviously everyone wants to point to the receiving corps, but we love that group over there. Noah will be back. [Washington; on injured reserve, close to returning], and see what happens. And then there are guys that don’t belong there.

    Was that an allusion to free agent catcher Odell Beckham Jr., who is nursing a torn anterior cruciate ligament suffered during the Super Bowl?

    “I didn’t say that,” Jones said.

    Whether the Cowboys make a big trade — or add a free agent — doesn’t change coach Mike McCarthy’s approach. He reminded players to be safe during the bye week and said the third quarter of the season would begin when they return to work on November 7.

    On Monday, players will go through what he calls a “cross the hallway” breakdown, when defensive coaches meet with offensive players and offensive coaches meet with defensive players to discuss how to break trends in their games.

    “September football is what it is; the teams are just trying to get started. October football is when the teams start to separate a bit, and what you’re doing well and what you’re not doing so well is pretty obvious to everyone,” McCarthy said. “So that’s really where I think…. You have to know who you are and how they’re going to attack you.

    And teams will come for the Cowboys. Four remaining opponents have winning streaks of at least three games so far: Minnesota Vikings (five), Philadelphia (seven), Tennessee Titans (five) and Washington Commanders (three).

    Their next game, against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Nov. 13, will be emotional as it’s McCarthy’s return to Green Bay against the team he used to coach. They also host the Giants on Thanksgiving, and although they beat them at MetLife Stadium in September, their NFC East rivals are also 6-2.

    “We’ve had a great start to the season, but the real football starts in November and December,” All-Pro right guard Zack Martin said. “It’s great that we have a week off to get our bodies back in shape, and we’re rushing onto the pitch for some top football down the stretch.”

    Stage Write’s ‘The Outsider’: Laughter is the only answer to today’s politics | Vermont Arts Sat, 29 Oct 2022 04:00:00 +0000

    In the comedy “The Outsider,” a recent sex scandal propelled a painfully shy but capable lieutenant governor to the state’s highest office. A complete stranger, without political cunning and a crippling fear of public speaking, he is doomed. Where is he?

    “It’s hilarious!” says Joanne Greenberg. “Combine that with the fact that this is political satire, not just in an election year but in an election month, and it seems like a synchronicity for sure to make a really wonderful comedy right now.”

    Extending taxes could pay for road improvements, one group feared plans weren’t detailed enough Wed, 26 Oct 2022 03:34:00 +0000

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) — Ballot number 7A takes up a lot of space on your ballot and will allow voters to decide on funding for major transportation projects.

    The Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority or PPRTA is made up of six regional governments including Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, unincorporated El Paso County, and the cities of Green Mountain Falls, Ramah, and Calhan.

    Their projects are funded by a 1 cent sales tax. 55% of revenue is used for capital projects, 35% is used for maintenance and 10% is used for public transit. Ballot number 7A proposes extending the 55% used for capital projects for 10 years, ending in 2034, but does not increase the tax.

    Mayor John Suthers says he supports 7A, “There is no back-up plan because there is not enough money in the general fund budgets for these types of projects.”

    Mayor Suthers went on to say that improvements are needed to keep up with population growth and expanding the PPRTA is the only way to fund expensive projects.

    A group called Colorado Springs Tax Payers tells us they’re concerned the language used in some of the proposals is too vague. Co-founder Laura Carno had this to say: “There are other projects that could fit into this PPRTA that we just aren’t aware of at this time.

    The full list of projects can be found on your ballot.

    Toto Wolff, the compulsive perfectionist behind Mercedes’ Formula 1 team Sun, 23 Oct 2022 10:05:14 +0000


    This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

    Minutes before the start of the Dutch Grand Prix, which took place under scorching sun last month at Zandvoort, a seaside circuit within driving distance of Amsterdam, Toto Wolff, the director of the Formula 1 team Mercedes-AMG Petronas, came out on the starting grid. A Grand Prix begins when a row of five red lights above the start line go out, one by one, but, for a brief moment before, the track is a twenty thousand horsepower crowd scene.

    Each of the supernatural long-nosed machines is assisted by a mobile intensive care unit consisting of generators, steel carts, laptops, tire covers, and uniformed mechanics wearing hard hats and explosion-proof gear. Umbrellas wrap around the pilots’ cockpits. Billionaires stalk the grid. Race marshals hold clipboards in red gloves. The noise is unbelievable: helicopter blades, high-speed cannons, desperate screams from cars, massive fumes from the waiting crowd.

    In Zandvoort, loudspeakers swept the sky with dance music. The afternoon was wet; the air was saturated. Wolff was at home. He is tall, dark and Austrian. He could pass for a Sacha Baron Cohen character or someone walking past you at the airport, smelling good, wearing loafers and no socks. He worked the grid in a white shirt emblazoned with the Mercedes star and the logos of twelve other corporate sponsors, black trousers, team-issued Puma trainers, a sweet smile. He kissed people’s cheeks, touched elbows, gave impromptu TV interviews and shouted last-minute thoughts at his drivers. Somewhere in the fumes was death. Two Formula 1 drivers were killed in the space of three years at Zandvoort in the 70s. At one point I found myself near pit lane when three cars came out of it, red lights flashing. The speed was like a whip.

    Wolff, who is fifty years old, is the best team leader in recent history of the fastest motorsport in the world. Formula 1’s “formula” refers to a set of rules, first enshrined after World War II, to bring order to the urge to race dangerous cars on the asphalt of foreign cities. While Nascar is all about left-hand turns, cars that look like cars and spectator-friendly oval tracks, Formula 1 has a purer, purer heart: the oldest courses date back a century. Races last about ninety minutes. They twist, sweep and roll down hills, sometimes into existing streets. Cars, which began as death traps for daredevils, are now specimens of extreme technology, flying algorithms battling for advantages of a hundredth of a second – the distance of a meter on a track of three thousand. Sport is esoteric, but overall it is. Last year, the Mexican Grand Prix attracted three hundred and seventy thousand spectators. The Singapore Race runs through the city at night. (Drivers can lose six pounds in stress and sweat.) The average television audience for a Formula 1 race is around seventy million people, four times that of a typical NFL game, and top drivers earn star football salaries and lasting fame. When Ayrton Senna, three-time world champion, was killed during a race in 1994, the Brazilian government decreed three days of mourning. A million people waited in the heat to pay their respects, and many spoke of their saudade– an inexpressible state of nostalgia for something that is gone.

    “And this is where I can tell you that you will never achieve anything.”

    Cartoon by Stephen Raaka

    Between 2014, when Wolff took charge of Mercedes, and 2021, the team has won the world championship eight years in a row, an unprecedented feat. (In Formula 1, there is a constructors’ championship, for the most successful team, and a drivers’ championship, awarded after around twenty races.) Each team has two drivers. Mercedes’ star is Lewis Hamilton, who earned around sixty-five million dollars last season. During the team’s winning streak, Hamilton has won six individual world titles, bringing his career tally to seven. No one has ever won eight. “I couldn’t think of a better friend. I couldn’t think of a better boss,” Hamilton told me, of Wolff.

    Formula 1 is currently gaining popularity, particularly in the United States, in part because of a Netflix series, “Drive to Survive”, which embroidered the nerdery of the sport with clever camera work and bitchy insight into the life of its protagonists. Wolff, who speaks five languages ​​and whose wife, Susie, is a former racing driver, is one of the show’s natural stars. Of the sport’s ten team managers, only Wolff and his rival, Christian Horner, a Briton who leads the Red Bull team, have ever won a world championship. But, unlike Horner and the rest of his peers, Wolff also co-owns his team. His one-third stake in Mercedes is conservatively valued at around five hundred million dollars. He sees himself as both a competitor and someone shaping the future of a multi-billion dollar company. “Other team leaders, and I don’t say this arrogantly, are only incentivized by performance,” Wolff said. His adversaries see it. “He’s playing a game and he’s always one step ahead,” one told me.

    But this season, Wolff and Mercedes have not won any races. The Dutch Grand Prix was the fifteenth of the season, and Mercedes’ best results so far were a few second places. (In 2020 the team won thirteen out of seventeen.) Hamilton, who joined Formula 1 as a rookie in 2007, has never gone a season without winning at least one race. Before the United States Grand Prix in Austin on October 23, the team languished in third place, behind Red Bull and Ferrari – its worst position in a decade. Watching Wolff and Mercedes lose their way was as disconcerting as it was refreshing, like watching Roger Federer fire his serve, the Yankees miss the playoffs, Simone Biles miss the beam. It’s understandable, up to a point. “We didn’t go from being an eight-time world champion team to not being able to build cars,” Hamilton said. “We come . . . it’s wrong this year.

    The apparent reason was a change in the rules. Every few years, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, which has overseen Grand Prix racing since 1906, forces teams to redesign their cars. Normally the official logic has to do with safety, or making it easier to overtake cars, but there’s almost always an unspoken motive: upsetting the order of things and preventing a team from gaining a permanent advantage.

    In the past, Mercedes have taken advantage of these changes, adapting faster than their rivals. But the 2022 reset was unusual in scope. One of the aims of the new rules was to reconfigure the downforce generated by the cars, reduce the amount of “dirty air” left in their wake and allow closer racing. During a pre-season test in Bahrain in March, Mercedes’ new car, the W13, seemed to embody the most daring interpretation of this idea. It was slimmer and more futuristic than the rest. “People were watching this thought, Wow. Mercedes are going to blow the field away,” George Russell, the team’s other driver, told me. “Within reason, we thought that too.”

    But the W13 turned out to be capricious. Data collected in the wind tunnel or by computer modeling did not end up on the track. At high speeds, the car would bounce, an effect known as porpoising. “My back is killing me!” Hamilton screamed on a long straight in Baku in June, where the floor of the car repeatedly hit the asphalt at more than two hundred miles an hour. Attempts to fix the problem only uncovered other issues. “We tried, tried and failed. And tried and tried and failed,” Hamilton said. Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes Ground Engineering Manager, Ph.D. in the dynamics of military logistics vehicles, compared attaching the W13 to peeling an onion. “Even aerodynamic rebound manifests itself in about three different mechanisms,” he said.

    The other reason for Mercedes’ poor performance was a sense of injustice and misfortune. In 2021, with five laps to go in the final race of the season, Hamilton led the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix en route to an eighth individual world title and solo greatness. Hamilton had won the previous three races; he had the car on a string. “He was unbeatable and we were unbeatable,” Wolff said.

    On lap 53 in Abu Dhabi, the race was interrupted by a crash, then a safety car took over. (In Formula 1, when there is danger on the track, a sports car with flashing lights leads a stately, disorderly procession of cars, until the danger is cleared.) Under normal circumstances, the Grand Prix would have ended behind the Safety Car, with race order intact. But the race director, an FIA official named Michael Masi, made the decision to divert a group of cars to allow a final lap of the race between Hamilton and second-place driver Max Verstappen of Red Bull. The drivers were tied on points in the world championship standings. Verstappen was on new tyres; he passed Hamilton and won the title. The FIA ​​later concluded that Masi had committed “human error” and he quit his job. But the result remained.