Infidelity in this PA city ranks among the highest in the country

Even though we hate to admit it, cheating is everywhere. It doesn’t matter what age, gender or race you are. It doesn’t matter what city, state or country you live in. People cheat. And there is no escaping it.

Apparently, the pandemic hasn’t helped at all either. Quarantine not only increased people’s desire to be unfaithful, but it made them follow suit, according to a new study by Ashley Madison. When you hear the statistics, it’s actually wild. In one month, the dating app specially designed for cheaters recorded an average of 17,000 new registrations per day.

Personally, I think now that we are allowed out again and are free to come and go as we please, the cheating will only get worse. Now that people are going out and out again, it allows cheaters to physically realize the infidelity they have led emotionally over the past year.

If you are back in the market and looking for love, hope you are not in any of these cities.

It’s not at all surprising that the two most infidelous cities are in Florida, according to Indy 100. In the words of Charlemagne tha God, “The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all over Florida. “

Miami and Orlando are two of the biggest party cities. They organize bachelorettes, spring break, summer vacation and more. So of course there are a lot of sketchy hookups out there.

But surprisingly, Pittsburg, Pa., Ranks 13th out of the top 20 cities for infidelity. And not to be too loud, but Ashley Madison says it’s more women who cheat on their partners than men.

I’ll take one for the team and apologize on behalf of all the women for the hot girls’ summer that’s about to take place.

Sorry not sorry, that is.

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