Joliet Slaughtered Toddler Task Force on Domestic Violence Approved by Illinois Lawmakers | Government and Politics

Colton’s mother Cassandra Tanner Miller had lobbied for passage of the legislation in the weeks following her son’s death so the public would remember Colton, a toddler who loved monster trucks, Batman and his big sister.

“It’s a beautiful tragedy,” Tanner Miller said after the bill was passed. “There is a beauty in what we have done and in what this law represents. I created a legacy for Colton. I did what any mother would do and made sure her child’s life made sense.

Miller had separated from her ex-husband about a year before the shooting so her children could grow up in a home free of domestic violence and drug use.

Christopher Miller was facing felony charges in Cook and DuPage counties at the time of the shooting, and records show he ignored state law that required him to give up his guns. Cassandra Tanner Miller has warned DuPage prosecutors about the guns, but no one has acted on the information. Authorities at DuPage told her to seek a protection order if she was scared.

A month later, Miller, who had cocaine and alcohol in his system, broke into the family home, repeatedly punched Tanner Miller in the face, hit her with a candle holder, and then the choked until she passed out. He also attacked his 9-year-old daughter-in-law, biting and tackling her until she managed to break her grip and drag her mother out of the house to safety.

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