KTEP Public Radio Music Party Playlist Vol. 1

The music in this playlist is made up of music of various genres from the border region which includes the cities of El Paso and Las Cruces. Each band is local and originalsome are newer and some are older, but they have each found their own sound and continued to push music forward in the city. We must continue to support our local music scene and bands to help them achieve their goals and continue to help our own community grow.

Public Radio Music Festival 2022, Track-list


  • Christina Ramirez, “Summer Drizzle”
    This piano piece is by a talented young woman named Christina Ramirez. His whole life has revolved around music and his main instrument is of course the piano. In addition to releasing solo pieces like this, she is also part of Holo’s Piano Collective on UTEP and El Paso Pro Musica. Enjoy this piece of piano music and let the keys take you on a musical journey.

  • Second Nature, “The End”
    This song is from a band called Second Nature, an interesting fact about this band is that it is led by Daniel Paulus of KLAQ. The guitar sound is reminiscent of the garage rock sound of the early 2000s and drums soon join the song to help create an upbeat yet moody sound.

  • Trash Wand, “Blighthouse”
    The El Paso punk scene has certainly seen growth in recent years, one of the bands at the forefront of the punk scene is a trio called Trash Baguette. The vocal duties are divided or shared between Edie and Aaron, in this song the vocals are entirely done by Edie Karuna. If you need a quick energy boost, this track will do it.

  • Melt Citizen, “A kind of indifference”
    Melt Citizen is a garage rock band from El Paso and they’ve been playing a lot of gigs lately. The main man of the band, Mike Peregrino was also part of another local band named Ralpheene where he was the drummer. This song keeps its punk elements, but focuses more on the garage rock side of Meltcitizen

  • The Dead Electrics, “Meet Me in the Shadows”
    The Dead Electrics have a sound that can take you back to the alternative sound of the early 2000s. This song has a constantly grooving bass under a fuzzy guitar tone, while the piano adds ambience to help create their style of music. ‘alternative.

  • Shadow Valley, “Farewell”
    Shadow Valley is a band that plays many different styles of rock and metal, here they have chosen to present their alternative single “Farewell”. The guitar playing and steady rhythm section help create a moody atmosphere that takes the listener on a musical journey from start to finish. You can hear more songs like this on their “Farewell” EP or you can explore their other sounds on their recent self-titled album.

  • Stony Blue Fish, “Get Monkee”
    Now, if you’re looking for a band full of energy and capable of funk, then StoneyBlueFish is the band for you. This track opens with a bassline that leads the song in introducing a descending guitar and finally brings the singer into the rap over the beat, setting the unexpected listener up for a burst of energy. The repeated screams in the chorus and the funky bass line make this a memorable track.

  • Cordoba, “Blind Pride”
    Cordova is a hard rock band from Las Cruces, New Mexico. If you’re into a heavy alt rock style reminiscent of early 2000s alt rock style then this is the song for you.

  • Circa Arcana, “Ten of Swords”
    This Circa Arcana song starts out soft but quickly turns into a thoughtful piece of metalcore that displays a range of emotions and musical elements. The voices go from aggressive to clear, and the music manages to follow the voice. If you are looking for a heavier but moody song, this song will not disappoint.

  • The Sullivans, “Catastrophe”
    The indie rock scene has definitely grown in El Paso, one of the known bands in this scene is The Sullivans. This song is taken from their 2017 album “Magnetic Gun”, the music remains steady throughout the song, the chorus vocal melody is catchy enough to stick with the listener.

  • Rich & Marvin, “Apricot”
    This sweet song is a calm melody to listen to. The guitar and drums remain consistent throughout the song. It could possibly become the apricots’ anthem for years to come.

  • Abysswalker, “The Dreamcatcher”
    Abysswalker has a style reminiscent of the metal sound of the 80s. An interesting fact about this band is that it’s actually a guy named Paul Saulburgh who handles all the instruments and is known as the one man band from El Paso. He’s been able to perform live without the others for quite some time now, it’s hard to say he’s the only one performing these songs.

  • CNVT, “Wvlves”
    If you are an extreme metal fan, try listening to this song called “Wvlves” by CNVCT. This is a metal musical assault that lasts about 3 minutes, the vocals on this track are also performed by a singer from another band called Saltwound. If you need to release some aggression today, listen to this track.

  • Sunset Standart, “The Drowning”
    “Drowning” from the Sunset Standard is a gentle melody that can help you wind down at the end of the day. About 3 minutes into the song, the distortion kicks in and adds to this independent journey. The vocal delivery of this song just might inspire you to sing along.

  • Dark Aria, “Winter in Mourning”
    Dark Aria has been part of the local music scene for quite some time now. They opened for national tours and played in many venues that no longer exist but continue to grow. They sound more modern in their style but also tend to incorporate some neoclassical sound into the song.

  • Wamaygallo, “Banqueteras”
    With their love for indie/alternative music, Wamaygallo brings a new fusion of alternative and cumbia music with Banqueteras, a song featured on the Sound on Tap stage for Youtube Channel Texas Tech Public Media.

  • If X was Z, “Heaven”
    While X Was Z is relatively new to the local music scene, they are actually the band of the owner of the local venue known as The Music Gallery, his name is Adrian Archuleta. Adrian has helped advance the local music scene by giving local bands a place to play. His venue is for the artist as he still charges a cover to help pay the bands playing there, his venue has had a positive impact on the community. . That buzzing guitar and bass vocals help create an ambient grungy sounding song.

  • Me Acorde De Ti A Las 3 AM, “Melody’s Dream”

  • Dakota Avenue, “Space Breathe”

  • Jay Quijada, “Verde Emerald”

  • Edison’s Ear, “Morticia”

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