Mark Tremonti shares regret over parting with his beloved guitar

We’ve all made impulse-based decisions at one point or another in our lives, but Mark Tremonti reveals that such a decision caused him to part ways with a prized guitar that he now regrets.

Speaking to Guitarist magazine (as transcribed by Guitar World), Tremonti recalls owning a reissue of Gibson Les Paul Goldtop which became a collateral transaction after being turned upside down by a legal dispute between Gibson and PRS over his guitar. PRS signature.

Alter Bridge guitarist explains, “There was a Goldtop Les Paul reissue that I used throughout the great days of Creed and I sold it because there was a lawsuit between Gibson and PRS. I was just angry that my [PRS signature] the guitar has been off the shelves for all these years, so I got rid of this Les Paul just out of anger.

The lawsuit took place in 2001 with the filing of a lawsuit by Gibson against PRS over their Singlecut models and initially resulted in a court ruling in favor of Gibson, thus leading the PRS Singlecut Signature Six-String Guitar of Tremonti which had been released that year to be excluded from production. But a few years later, in 2005, the decision was overturned, with PRS again being allowed to resume production and Tremonti’s guitar being available again.

Tremonti reflects, “I should have kept it because the people who made that Les Paul had nothing to do with the people who caused the lawsuit. And the business has changed hands: there are new managers doing great things. But this is the one I would still like to have.

While Tremonti may not have that Gibson Les Paul Goldtop anymore, he has managed to do quite well with other guitars in his collection over the years, producing hit songs from Alter Bridge and launching his solo band. eponym. Tremonti’s latest studio album, Walk in time, arrived last week and is available through its website.

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