Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ Bagin is the worst

There are many charming and charming characters in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but there’s also one that’s already universally hated by the fan base, and that’s Bagin. The Security Corps member who seems to do nothing but guard a staircase and charge exorbitant prices to help the player character upgrade their inventory, Bagin quickly became the target of many fans’ ire due to its price tags less than reasonable. . Already, there’s a slew of memes and fan art expressing how much Bagin has angered players everywhere, and he’s widely seen as even worse than the game’s main antagonist.


In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players start with 20 inventory slots, each of which can hold any number of an item type. That might seem like a lot, but between Poké Balls, meds, gear, and miscellaneous items, they fill up fast. Go through the Pokémon safari that Legends: Arceus offers are treacherous, so players need a lot of items. Luckily, the game included the ability to purchase more slots, with the help of a Security Corps member named Bagin, conveniently located just inside Galaxy Hall. It charges a fee for each location, and while it might seem like a good deal at first, it doesn’t stay that way. Its prices quickly rise from a mere 100 to tens of thousands, ending at 1,000,000 units of in-game currency.

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However, Bagin’s high prices are only part of the reason players agree he is the worst character in the game. The bizarre statement he says to players when they decline his services has many choosing to believe that it is actively malicious. Many fans seem to agree that Legends: Arceus‘ Inventory expansion was poorly implemented, but the developers could have improved it. Just like the Arc phone, Pokemon Legends: Arceus doesn’t need poorly implemented mechanisms like this. Hopefully this will be fixed in future DLC, and players who have already overpaid Bagin will receive in-game compensation.

Why Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ Bagin is so bad

Many fans agree that Bagin is the worst character in Pokemon Legends: Arceus by a mile, and it’s easy to see why. Its inventory expansions are a huge drain on the player’s hard-earned funds, and while items like Stardust and Pokeshi Dolls help fill the gap, the fact remains that it charges too much for too little. More than that, however, is what it says. When players choose not to purchase another inventory slot, he leaves them a message that, while innocuous at first glance, becomes almost menacing when you think about it: “There are times when one thing can make the difference between life and death, you know.“It’s creepy, to say the least. Pokemon Legends: ArceusThe protagonist’s age is only 15, which means Bagin is raising the prices and possibly threatening a miner in Hisui’s four million currency the moment they get all the extra inventory slots in the game. .

Perhaps the worst thing about Bagin, however, is that his services are sadly needed. Inventory locations in Legends: Arceus fill up fast, so players need whatever they can get. Between the different types of Poké Balls, Medicines, and Stealth Items, not to mention the materials needed to craft them, the Pouches can never be big enough to hold everything one needs when creating the first Pokédex. Hisui. More than that, however, Bagin doesn’t even change the pannier at all. It only teaches players how to pack it more efficiently, which makes little sense considering how much stuff they’re carrying at any given time. Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘Excellent art design means there are plenty of stunning sights to see in the game, but the satchel isn’t one of them. It remains the same base bag players get at the start of the game. Bagin wouldn’t be so bad if he made at least one visual change to the player character’s satchel, but he chooses not to.

How Pokémon Legends: Arceus Could Have Made Bagin Less Worse

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Although many agree that Bagin is one of the most hated characters in Pokemon series, it didn’t have to be. There are many ways the developers could have implemented better Legends: Arceus‘ inventory expansion, and one would be to keep prices low. Capping the maximum prizes at around 10,000 or so would go a long way to easing fan hatred towards Bagin. Alternatively, the inventory slots it provides could have come in groups. Pokemon Legends: Arceus should have learned from BOTW and not giving players one slot at a time when upgrading. There are five slots in a single row, so getting five for each expansion would have been a much better way to stretch the pannier.

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Another way to improve the expansion would be to have players use items, instead of money, to get more inventory slots. Instead of just teaching the player character how to play Tetris, Bagin could have upgraded the satchel itself and used items like Caster Ferns and Stardust to do so. While this would still be a boring chore that would involve hunting down lots of rare items over time, it would be better than the current system, especially if the satchel went through visual changes like Jubilife Village and its stores later in the game.

Pokémon Legends: Will Arceus Fix Bagin’s Mistakes?

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Bagin may be bad now, but he doesn’t have to stay that way. Legends: Arceus The DLC could feature more Pokémon that weren’t in the base game and will hopefully include a fix for inventory expansion. A DLC pack, or at the very least a free update, could patch the game and make Bagin’s practices a little fairer, either with one of the methods discussed above or whichever the developers choose themselves- same. He might even take the opportunity to poke fun at himself and have Cyllene or Commander Komado call the player into their office, where Bagin is waiting, and force him to apologize for his relentless price hike. .

If so, it may seem like too little, too late, but it could come with some form of in-game compensation for players who have already shelled out millions to Bagin. Some see Legends: Arceus as a model for Pokemon upcoming games, so it should correct its mistakes in order to give players the best possible gaming experience and set the tone for the series in the future. While the developers are unlikely to choose to refund all of the in-game currency they’ve spent on expansion courses, doing so could net them some rare and valuable items, or at the very least, a stack of Poke Balls. Pokemon Legends: Arceus may have the most hated character in the series so far, but it’s not too late to fix it.

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