Rammstein’s Till Lindemann + Richard Kruspe Collaboration on cover song

Emigrate, the side project of Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, released the third single from their upcoming LP on November 5th. The persistence of Memory (named after a painting by Salvador Dalí). The track is a cover of Willie Nelson’s classic “Always on My Mind”.

The song features an appearance by Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann. Find out below.

Emigrate’s first record, an eponymous album, was released in 2007. Their second record, Silent for so long, followed in 2014, and the latest version came in 2018 with A million degrees.

Throughout this period, Emigrate collaborated with artists such as Jonathan David, Peaches and Lemmy.

“I really want to have the freedom to collaborate with different people and explore different types of music,” Kruspe explained when A million degrees was first published, according to Blabbermouth. “To express myself as both a writer and a singer away from deadlines, deadlines and other such restrictions. The idea is to keep experimenting and keep challenging myself. Emigrate works organically, so musicians can come and go, and it’s okay anyway, it’s positive … “

Emigrate, The persistence of Memory Album cover + track list

1. “Anger”
2. “Always on My Mind” (feat. Till Lindemann)
3. “Freeze my mind”
4. “Yeah yeah yeah”
5. “Come”
6. “You can’t run away”
7. “Hypothetical”
8. “Bloodstained Marriage”
9. “I’ll let you go”

Emigrate, “Always in my head”

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