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A large swath of Makariv, a village 30 miles west of Kiev, suffered major damage from apparent Russian airstrikes.

CNN has geotagged and verified the authenticity of photos posted to social media on Saturday, which show major damage to apartment complexes, schools and a medical facility.

A striking image from Makariv shows a large hole in the north wall of a building. Many of the buildings in the photos suffered damage to their northern facades, indicating that the military strikes that hit them were Russian.

Several hundred meters to the east of this building, a kindergarten also suffered significant damage.

Smoke can still be seen billowing from the building, the roof has completely collapsed and the windows have all been blown out.

The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly asserted that it is not targeting civilians.

At another apartment building just west of the school, another photo shows the roof and a number of upper-floor residences destroyed.

Just south of the school, the Adonis-Makariv Medical and Diagnostic Center is on fire. The street in front is littered with debris and windows have been blown out of the center.

A photo taken from the street in front of the center showed that the debris in front of it is all that remains of the building’s north-facing front facade.

Immediately west of the school and medical center, near the center of Makariv, a massive crater was observed in the road. The medical center can be seen in the background on fire. Next to this crater, another photo shows that a residential building with a grocery store on the ground floor was hit.

Downtown, a cultural center that also houses government and police offices was hit by a strike. Part of the building was destroyed and a structure on the roof appears to have been clipped by some sort of ordnance.

“Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes” was written on a large sign in front of the building.

South of the center of Makariv, a nursery school also suffered significant damage. The windows have been blown out and parts of the roof appear damaged.

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