Sabaton will release the epic “Symphony to End All Wars” edition

Sabatons The war to end all wars the album gets a symphonic beauty. The veteran band are set to serve up their latest album in a way you’ve never heard them before, bringing fans a version of the album’s symphonic soundtrack.

The album, titled The Symphony to End All Warsincludes 11 tracks, all recorded as symphonic versions, and it will be available May 6. The appropriate album cover features a soldier playing a cello amid the ruins of a war-torn city.

Pre-orders are currently available here. It is available in two vinyl formats – one as a gatefold black single LP, while the other is with Winter Wind Single LP in gatefold. It is also available through digital platforms.

This is the second reinvention of The war to end all wars album, as the band also served up a special “historical edition” of the record. This release includes spoken commentary from the band as well as additional information about the historical context of the wars that inspired Sabaton’s new songs. The physical version was released earlier this month, but is now available through streaming services there.

As for the original version, it is available here. Physical copies can be found here.

Sabaton, The Symphony to End All Wars Artwork + track list

Nuclear explosion

Nuclear explosion

1. Sarajevo (symphonic version)
2. Storm Troopers (symphonic version)
3. Dreadnought (symphonic version)
4. The invincible soldier (symphonic version)
5. Soldier of Heaven (symphonic version)
6. Hellfighters (symphonic version)
7. Race to the sea (symphonic version)
8. Lady of Darkness (symphonic version)
9. Death Valley (symphonic version)
10. Truce de Noël (symphonic version)
11. Versailles (Symphonic Version)

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