The passion and loyalty of Cleveland Browns fans felt around the world

On Sunday afternoons during the seasons of the Cleveland Browns, while living in the high plains of Kansas for the past 25 years, you would find me, and usually in my 30s, other crazy yet devoted Browns fans crammed in. in the back room of an old bar called Quincy’s on the west side of Wichita, Kansas.

They are known as the OZ Chapter of the Cleveland Browns Backer Organization. I’ve written about this amazing bunch of die-hard friends and fans before and still reflect on what an amazing bunch they are to get together week after week during the fall and winter months at a location 1000 meters away. miles from Cleveland, Ohio.

Last week, NFL Network reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala wondered which NFL fan base most deserves her team to win a Super Bowl this season?

She shared her response in this segment on the NFL Network, where she said the Browns fans were arguably the most deserving of them.

By far, Browns fans around the world are the most deserving fan bases for their team to achieve that elusive Super Bowl victory. Many of you reading this today are Browns fans yourselves and can fully understand what Kinkhabwala shared in his brief and yet, up to the assessment of the situation.

I can be in Wichita, Kansas, at Quincy’s Sports bar or at a sports bar with Browns Backers in Las Vegas, Nevada, and that same loyalty and passion can be felt. It’s something hard to explain to all those other regular NFL fans to other fan bases like the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, or Arizona Cardinals.

But as Browns fans, you got it. You understand the commitment to your team through its ups and downs. And boy, don’t we understand the pain and agony as Browns fans. Watching “The Drive,” “The Fumble,” the team transferred to Baltimore, Maryland virtually overnight, then having to start over after a three-year hiatus with virtually a minor league team in 1999 are all strong arguments to explain why we Browns fans are so amazing. So yes, we most deserve the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.

I have always held my head up high and have been very proud, like all of you, to share our passion for the Browns because it is so unique compared to other fan bases.

Cleveland Browns Worldwide Loyalty

At Quincy’s Sports Bar, other fan bases come to support their teams. There was a small group of Green Bay Packer fans and Steeler fans, as well as a small group of obnoxious Dallas Cowboy fans.

But the Browns Backers chapter Oz has its own room in the back of the drab environment dedicated to their warm obsession with the Browns. That lackluster environment never seemed to matter as you cheered on the team everyone loved so much, swapping old Browns tales and enjoying the company of other Browns fans.

This passion does not end on Sundays either. If you’ve traveled this great country or the world or even traveled the world via all of these social media platforms like Twitter, you will soon find that Browns fans are the best and most dedicated to their team. Every time I’ve traveled, recently it was in the great state of Maine, you always meet other Browns fans.

They’ll see your Brown’s cap or t-shirt and shout, “Come on Browns! It’s the year !, Woof wow! as they stretch their arms out and you end up giving a stranger a whiplash a second ago, but now a new friend and loyal Browns fan.

As this new Browns season approaches, let’s all prepare for a good time and winning or losing our loyalty will continue as it always has. It’s our year Browns fans! Right?!!

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