The possibility was not entirely lost

Can the intern write an Insider Inbox before the end of the summer?

Go now. There’s friendly hazing, and then there’s cruel and unusual punishment.

Do you think coaches who left for other teams will look at who we let go at the end of training camp? They would know them more than the others.

Their personnel departments might listen for an opinion time and time again, but the waiver wire isn’t the focus of coaches trying to get their team ready to play games.

Josh from Apple Valley, MN

Are you allowed to come and watch a practice after it has started? We scheduled a stadium tour an hour before Saturday training started and wondered what the chances were that we could catch the end of training that day.

You should be able to get there, and yes, as long as you can find a seat or a view through the fence, you can show up anytime to practice. In fact, if you choose between the front or back halves of practice, the latter parts usually have more 11-on-11 action.

First-round picks that didn’t play: Clark declined and went to the CFL for two years, then the Saints and Chiefs. Duncan went to the CFL for more money and because the Packers were terrible (just before Lombardi was hired). The payout went to CFL for $1,000 more than the GB offered. Signed deal with the AAC Colts. Strzykalski signed with the 49ers from the AAFC.

There you have it, I guess, and thanks to everyone who submitted their research.

John from Dakota Dunes, SD

I didn’t know legendary Iowa Hawkeye QB Randy Duncan was the Packers’ first pick in the 1959 draft. He chose to play for the BC Lions because “they paid more money.” He enjoyed a cup of coffee with the Texans in 1961 before finishing his law degree and returning to Iowa. Notably, this Iowa Rose Bowl team also included a cornerback named Bob Jeter who was drafted No. 1 by the LA Chargers in 1960. He also played for BC before joining the Pack and win two Super Bowl rings.

And then I watched Jeter’s two sons, Rob and Carlton, play college basketball at UW-Platteville for Bo Ryan. The sports world is both massive and small.

The answer to yesterday’s question about first-round picks not making the team posed another question for me. In those years (’80), (’59), (’51), (’47), (’46) where a first round pick never played, did the Packers have a first round pick extra turn?

In 1980, the Packers also drafted linebacker George Cumby in the first round with a traded Charger pick Willie Buchanon. Cumby played six years in Green Bay. There were no additional first-round picks in other years.

Honestly, I was at a loss for words when you said a guy wouldn’t get a second contract because of how hard it is to do in the NFL. Sorry but that’s ridiculous. I work 60-70 hours a week as a bike courier in the Florida heat in Tampa. I run over 10,000 miles a year for less than $40,000 a year. I have to eat well, stay in incredible physical and mental shape, and I don’t have an offseason. If I could earn 10 times more for playing a game even though I hated it, that’s a no-brainer.

With all due respect to someone who looks a lot more athletic, fit and dedicated than me, go ahead and smash your bike into a wall a dozen times every Sunday this fall and come back to me.

I just saw some interesting information. Green Bay is one win behind Chicago to be the winningest team in NFL history. After Green Bay beat Minnesota and Chicago lost to San Francisco in Week 1, the Bears-Packers game in Week 2 will be for the crown of winningest team in NFL history. Do you think the schedule was set that way on purpose and how fun would that be?

I’m sure the opportunity hasn’t been entirely lost on schedulers, who put the Week 2 game in prime time. Because unless the Week 1 results combo is Packers lose/Bears win, next week Green Bay will tie or overtake Chicago.

Hi Mike, last pre-season I saw a lot to like from Juwann Winfree. He also seemed to have good hands and movement when given his chances during the regular season. He’s my Packer to watch who may be under the radar of the national sports press, but I think he has huge potential for growth this year. Do you have a player to watch in this receiving corps who you think could stand out and turn their potential into production?

Winfree is the choice of many, and I will definitely have my eye on it. As mentioned earlier, Amari Rodgers is the returning receiver I’m most interested in.

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