These are the 5 most visited destinations in Mexico by Americans

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Without a doubt, Mexico is America’s favorite vacation spot. US citizens make up the vast majority of foreigners visiting the tourism-dependent country and are driving its rebound from the Covid crisis. Now, the 5 cities Americans love most in Mexico have been revealed, and while old classics are featured, the list also includes some other surprises.

Young female tourist flying the Mexican flag as she looks out to the ocean

Between January and May 2022, Mexico reported a 65.8% increase in US arrivals over last year’s figures. A total of 5 million and 530,000 additional tourists have traveled south of the border this year so far, and that number is expected to continue to rise now that social restrictions have been lifted and the United States no longer requires testing for returning citizens.

The whole of Mexico is teeming with tourists, but the cities with the greatest concentrations, according to official data provider Datatur, are:

5. Guadalajara

Young male tourist taking a selfie facing the cathedral in Guadalajara, Mexico

State: Jalisco

Official United States travel advice: Reconsider the trip

Famous for: History, Architecture, Museums

The house of tequila and traditional mariachis music, Guadalajara is the fifth busiest port of entry into Mexico this year. An additional 430,087 international visitors have chosen the bustling inland metropolis as their destination so far this year, 58.7% more than in 2021. Why, you might be wondering? It may not have a beach, but Guadalajara certainly has no shortage of cultural attractions to enjoy.

The historic city center includes countless historic monuments, such as the 16th century Guadalajara Cathedral, one of the first churches built in Europe in the territory, the Hospicio Cabanas, simply the oldest orphanage in the Americasthe magnificent Degollado Theatre, famous for its neoclassical architecture, and many more.

4. Puerto Vallarta

Aerial view of Puerto Vallarta marina, Mexico

State: Jalisco

Official United States travel advice: Reconsider the trip

Famous for: Nightlife, Luxury Resorts, Beaches

Puerto Vallarta has been named the friendliest city in the worldand strolling the streets of the quaint Old Town district, where Mexican hospitality can truly be experienced, and a myriad of different and welcoming bars and entertainment venues line the waterfront, we have absolutely no reason to challenge this status.

This year, however, Vallarta has gained more popularity as a primary destination, as opposed to just a cruise port part of a larger itinerary. 775,430 more tourists flew specifically to Puerto Vallarta International Airport this year, through May, 136.6% more than last yearproving that the city’s potential as a major international destination is unleashed.

3.Los Cabos

Aerial view of Los Cabos, Baja California, Pacific Coast, Mexico

State: Baja California

Official United States travel advice: Reconsider the trip

Famous for: Marine life, Nature, Outdoor activities

Los Cabos ranks third in international arrivals, although it already overtakes the Riviera Maya in year-over-year growth. Through May, an additional 929,988 tourists arrived via Los Cabos International Airport, 67.8% more than in 2021. On top of that, the Los Cabos Tourism Trust (Fiturca) notes that 22% more Americans have visited the Pacific Gem this year.

This makes Los Cabos one of Mexico’s trendiest destinations for US passport holders at the moment, mainly due to the rave reviews it receives – more than 93% of visitors report a pleasant experience – the quality of the beaches, among the cleanest in the country, and its world-class golf courses.

2. Mexico City

Mexico City flag in front of a cathedral in Mexico City, Mexico

State: Mexico City

Official United States travel advice: Exercise extra caution

Famous for: Aztec Monuments, Mayan Ruins, Museums

Mexico City, the capital and main financial center of the country, ranks second with an increase of 129.2% compared to 2021, or 1,578,039 additional tourists. Short-term visitors are not the only lovers of the metropolis: it is quickly turning into a new haven for digital nomadsdue to its high price and cultural offerings.

Some of Mexico City’s top sights include Templo Mayor, the 13th-century Aztec temple that leaves historians in awe to this day, the Baroque marvel that is the Metropolitan Cathedral, built by the Spanish conquerors of Mexico, and the National Palace, where the iconic art of Mexico’s beloved painter Diego Rivera can be found.

1. Cancun

Hotel Zone in Cancun, Mexico

State: Quintana Roo

Official United States travel advice: Exercise extra caution

Famous for: Pristine Beaches, Luxury Stays, Live Shows

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cancun is America’s favorite destination in all of Mexico. This year, the jewel of the Caribbean posted a growth of 100.8%, or 4,009,729 more arrivals compared to the same period in 2021. Despite the slower rebound, compared to others on this same list, he remains a definite winner in overall numbers.

Even the excessive landing of sargassum could not keep the Americans away during the low season. A large majority of them still dream of a week of sunny holidays in the luxurious Hotel areaand judging by this other recent study published by Tripadvisor, Cancun’s hard-earned crown won’t be snatched any time soon.

Cancun Beach Huts in Riviera Maya, Mexican Caribbean, Mexico

If you are visiting any of the above locations or other states in Mexico in the near future, be sure to check the latest travel advisories issued by the US Department of State by accessing this link.

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