Transcripts of press conferences with Houston Texans head coach David Culley and players.

Can you tell us about the decision to swap DB Bradley Roby?

“It’s still ongoing. It’s not official yet. There have been talks, talks are still ongoing and it’s unofficial.”

What do you think of adding WR Danny Amendola to the squad?

“You know, Danny has been a quality player in this league for a long time. I had Danny in Philadelphia a while back, I know what he’s talking about. He fits the mold. We had Anthony Miller, who was our slot player who was injured, and we wanted to make sure we had depth and another guy so we could play in that position if Anthony isn’t able to play. And Danny fits that mold. “

If the DB Bradley Roby business deal goes through, what does it do to your high school depth in this group?

“Bradley wasn’t going to play this game anyway. The guys we’re playing with right now are the guys we’re going with. We’re comfortable with these guys. Basically we went with these guys. all of training camp, and we feel comfortable with that. We brought in some other guys who will hopefully give us depth in this position as well. “

When Nick Caserio spoke to the media last week, he explained that success is about process rather than results. How do you get players to buy into this perspective?

“The players never look at him like that. The players always look at him like everything is now. Every time we go out to play a game, they’re going to win. They feel like the guys we’re playing with right now are good enough to do it with, and that’s how they see it. They don’t see it from a global point of view like sometimes you maybe do from an administrative point of view or that kind of thing. thing. They look at him like they’re going to play. They’re going to try to win the game, and they look at him and they see him that way. “

As a coach, how do you balance these two things?

“We only think of one way, and the only way is that every time we go out to play we’re going to win. And we think the guys we’re going to play with are good enough to win with it. let’s approach it that way. It’s never mentioned. It’s never even a problem. “

How do you answer questions from players on things like Roby’s trading?

“Again, we feel like when we make these decisions, we feel like we are making the decision that is best for the football team. We want to look at the big picture. looking at where we’re at right now, if this thing is going on, then we think it was the best thing we needed to do for our football team. “

Are you optimistic about the availability of OL Marcus Cannon this week with Charlie Heck absent?

“Charlie won’t be back this week. Marcus, we’ll see how he’s doing this week. We hope he can play.”

You and Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer have taken very different paths to the NFL and are thinking very differently. What do you think of what he’s done so far as the head coach in Jacksonville?

“Obviously he’s been one of the best coaches in college football history throughout his career. I’ve kind of followed him throughout his career since he started, even at Bowling Green. , Utah. He spent four years with one of his players, Alex Smith, in Kansas City. I know the kind of coach he is, I have a lot of respect for him. Again , he went about it his own way, and the way it turned out for me was completely different from his. We’re both here, and I’m hoping to go out and whip his ass this week. “

QB Will Deshaun Watson be on the inactive list?

“He won’t play this week.

When do you think Amendola will be available to play?

“We’re not really sure yet. It all depends on Anthony Miller. If Anthony is healthy this week, then Anthony will hopefully play this week.”

Sunday will be the second time that you and Urban Meyer will be on the opposite sidelines. Do you remember the first time?

“I never really trained against him, per se, in college, but it’s just the fact that when he was coaching in college, I was on a team that had one of his players, Alex Smith, when he was around. But I know about him. Actually, I know some of our players on the team are going to get mad at me about it, especially the guys from Michigan, but i I’ve kind of been a fan of the Ohio State way back. “

There was a game in 1990 when you were at UTEP, and it was in Colorado State. Do you remember this game?

“I don’t remember. It’s a long time ago, but I remember being at UTEP. And I know it was a long time ago. I’m trying to think – I don’t can’t remember if we won or lost. “

” He won ? Ok. He won a whole bunch, so it’s no surprise.

When you look at DJ Chark and their wide receivers, what do you think of their attack?

“Chark was once a Pro Bowl caliber player in this league. He hasn’t played at all this preseason, but it’s still a challenge. I feel like what we do with the guys that we have there in high school, they’ll respect who they are, we respect these guys and we’re just going to play the game as it unfolds. “

There are a few players who have recently joined the team. How close are they to contributing on Sunday and what do they need to do to get there?

“This will be the first day we release them, so we’ll see. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.”

Why is DL Charles Omenihu third on the depth chart?

“The depth chart came out of our thing with the media. This depth chart is not what I would call an update. I know Charles Omenihu will play in this ball game and play a bunch. don’t think that’s a big deal. “

What do you think of his performance this preseason?

“It’s been great. I’m very happy with where Charles has been. Plus, that whole defensive line. There are eight or nine guys out there who will be playing in this ball game.”

After DB Bradley Roby leaves, will you all continue to shop for some of the seasoned veterans?

“I don’t think we’re buying anyone. I think what’s going on is people are making calls, people are trying to improve their team, we are trying to improve our team. have different conversations, and sometimes things come up that can work for both of you. And if it does, then you make a deal. When it comes to buying, we’re not buying anyone. “

What is the status of K Ka’imi Fairbairn?

“He won’t be kicking this week.”

“We’re not sure yet. We’ll find out this week.”

So, did his injury turn out to be worse than a strained muscle?

“Sounds like it. He’s not ready this week.”

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