What the Seahawks said after their 30-3 preseason loss to the Denver Broncos

(Opening…) Two weeks in a row playing football where the lessons are hard and obvious. We need to take away the things we can learn from and we can grow on the positive side of it. Obviously when you flip the ball three times in the first half it’s really, really hard to win a football game, and then we go nine penalties down to zero. They played a lot better than us in that regard as well. But, there is a lot for us to take from here. We’ve had a lot of guys playing and we’ve got a lot of movies to watch and a lot of reviews to do, that’s really what it’s all about this time around. We love to have fun winning soccer games and all that, but that’s not where the game is going right now. The hard lesson, too, is that a few of our guys got hit, you know. Johnny U (John Ursua) and BBK (Ben Burr-Kirven), these two guys were seriously injured tonight, and it breaks our hearts. It’s a tough game, and sometimes it takes its toll. These two kids are injured, so we’ll see what happens with them. It’s gonna be a while. On the other side, we will find the positives; I will find the positives. I thought DeeJay Dallas played a great game tonight. Rasheem Green, once again, was fired and did good things for him. He’s really taking advantage of this preseason to make a statement. Nick Bellore made five tackles tonight on defense. It was amazing, I don’t know how he did it. He said he was removing the rust. We have to take all the positive things and keep growing and this week is a little different for us. We’re going to change the format and get out of camp, and make it a regular week for us in terms of the pace of the week. And give our guys a chance to tune in to what that means so that when matchweek rolls around in a few weeks we’ll be ready to start over. So that’s a very important part of what’s going on this week. We knew it from the start, this week is approaching. So, we will try to take full advantage of it.

(On the diagnosis for Ben Burr-Kirven…) He has a knee injury. This is what I can tell you right away. It’s a serious knee injury.

(On the question of knowing if it is the same situation for John Ursua…) Yes. The two.

(On whether Ryan Neal is okay …) He has an oblique stump. Sometimes it’s a little gnarly, and we’ll see if he can get through it, I don’t know. But, it can sometimes take a little while. It depends on how he reacts. It’s in the rib cage.

(Kick-off returns by DeeJay Dallas…) He looks good. What you really want for your kickoff comeback is a guy who hits him and takes full advantage of the ploy, and he does. We’re really impressed with what he’s done, the whole preseason he’s been great.

(On the play by Cade Johnson …) I thought of a few of the guys; there are enough balls thrown and caught that we have a great chance to watch guys. Cade has looked really good in training. He is a real instinctive footballer. He shows he has common sense and all that stuff. He was a really productive player in college. It just seems like he’s postponed it, so he’s working hard to take advantage of it.

(On the beat of the offense …) It’s so comfortable for us. There were times in the game where we moved it around a bit, as far as the tempo was concerned. We have no problem with this. We are very comfortable with it. Communications are really strong. I think you can see Sean’s experience with Shane, from a system perspective. He’s really in charge. It happened last week too. You can really hear the clarity and the conversation between these guys. We were able to enjoy the rhythm and adjust things on the line of scrimmage and all that. He did a good job tonight, I meant Sean.

(On the cornerback play …) I don’t have a good rating on this at the moment. I have nothing to help you. I have to see the movie.

(To have 3 preseason games against 4 preseason games …) This format for us was different from what we have ever done before. We did something different, and the way we play it hasn’t been a lot of fun and fun. But, week 3 is a big deal for us. We’ll be coming back to a lot of other guys who haven’t played in the first two games to get them ready for the regular season opener, that’s been the plan from the start.

(On Alex McGough’s play…) He made a very difficult decision for whoever was on the sidelines. It just wasn’t a good shot. So as not to take the screen off and end up as a choice, that shouldn’t happen. We have to throw the ball over there. Just a few bad games. He worked hard, he ran. He did the things we wanted him to do, moved around. But, some difficult situations; I think it was the third and 12 or something, when we throw the pick, the first. Put him in a difficult situation, give him a chance to see if he could figure it out. It’s a place where he has to throw the ball, and just take the loss there. I need to see it on film to really check it out, but that’s how I felt watching it. These are decisions you have to make correctly. We can’t give the ball away.

(On the play by Stone Forsythe…) I can not tell you. I won’t know enough until I see the movie.

(On how he likes the week off after the preseason…) I really like the two weeks. Yes, we are trying to take full advantage of it. I think it’s a good deal for the league, and I think everyone is going to really appreciate it. I think this is a very good idea. It’s mouthwatering all the time, knowing that you have all this time to get guys back and stuff. It’s the game they can play and get more airtime.

(On whether Rashaad Penny was on an instant account…) We were just trying to balance him out and make sure he had enough eyes. I think he played 15 or 16 pieces. We weren’t really counting the games, we just wanted to give him a chance to come out on the pitch and play. It worked between him and Alex, I think they broke up. I think they both played 15 or 16 pieces, something like that. I don’t remember if Alex had a lot in the second half, maybe he would have had a few. So he maybe picked up some more.

(On what it’s like to have a player like Nick Bellore…) He’s an amazing football player and a big factor in this team. He’s also the captain of special teams, and we don’t use him in special teams because we save him to potentially play on offense and defense in the game. He was about to play both ways. He is an extraordinary child and player. There aren’t a lot of guys who can do that. Rare.

(On what DeeJay Dallas shows so far…) He was really consistent. He was more explosive. He seems to have returned to camp in better shape, with the advantages of an offseason; in terms of power, it is more powerful than it used to be. It looks faster than it used to be. He’s a great guy to play with, he’s very clear in the games. He’s a clairvoyant guy, you can make adjustments, you can talk to him. He’s a good ball player, and he really showed it. I know Russ (Russell Wilson) thinks about the world of him. He knows he can throw the ball at him and he’ll make plays and all that. It’s really positive that they’ve built this in a year and a half that they’re together. He did a great job.

(On Rasheem Green playing on a 2-point position…) I think he did a very good job. He was really active. He’s just been so consistent. He clearly states that he belongs and that he is a part of what we do. I’m really excited for him. He was excited about the direction of the job change, and he adapted very well to it.

(On the rush group pass …) We were OK on the third try, we just weren’t OK on the fourth try. They did a great job training the fourth downs, they went 3 for 3, and they were all part of them to score on those practices. I need to watch, really, to give you a good assessment, but I thought the guys brought it pretty hard, and it was active. It’s going to be a little different in a few weeks, even from where it is now.

(On Aaron Fuller’s play…) He continues to do plays. He’s doing a good job. He’s been really solid throughout the offseason in terms of everything he’s done. All the training time, the training on our field, he continues to be really solid. He is a real natural football player. Really comfortable in different situations, and it’s not too big for him. He did some really good clutching, got hit a few times as well and grabbed the football well. He was really competitive.

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